1. kroart

    Asset - Extension Google Play Billing extension

    Hi everyone. I decided to publish another extension that I use in the game I work on. It's a Google Play Billing extension. This extension integrates Google Play Billing library as it seems from its name) For now it has very limited functionality: in only can query purchased items and make a...
  2. T

    Purchased as gift but got download in MY email

    So I just bought the developer license for my fiance and its supposed to be as a gift but I got an email with a download-link. Did the website screw up or can i just forward that email to my fiance? I just dropped 99 bucks for this and am kind of annoyed that this happened.
  3. D

    GM - Android Purchase subscriptions

    I have published some payment APPs on Google Play. But now I would like them to be subscriptions. Is it possible to create an In-App Subscription in GM?
  4. A

    iOS In-App Purchases Code Probelm

    So, I have two In-App purchases, but only one of them works, and I don't understand why. Any help would be appreciated. (The one that works is "human3') In Game Start Object var map_create = true; if file_exists("iap_data.json") { global.purchaseMap = ds_map_secure_load("iap_data.json")...
  5. A

    GMS 2 Sandbox Mode

    Where is the sandbox check box located on GameMaker Studio 2? I cannot find it nor "Global Game Settings" and I cannot get my IOS In-App purchases working due to this
  6. Gabriel

    Android Billing not working

    I used to have In-App Purchases in my app working properly, but since I've updated to GMS 1.4.1760 , they don't work anymore. Instead, I get a message saying: "This version of the app is not configured for billing through Google Play". I checked and there is no sign of "In-App Purchases"...
  7. J

    Android IAP not working...

    Hi everyone, I have been testing IAP for Android and cannot get them to work... I have an object which controls IAP, it is actually the only object in the game as I created a new project just to test these out. I have created the IAP in the Google Play Deveoper Console, its ID is "ls_no_ads"...