1. C

     Which version should I buy for these platforms?

    Hi! I intend to purchase GameMaker Studio 2 to officially learn game development but I am having a hard time decided which one to get? There are 4 options in "developer" Desktop, Web, UMP and Mobile. I know that UMP and Mobile are not my main interest but I am not sure if I should get Desktop...
  2. RizbIT

    Windows UWP IAP

    Microsoft rejected a UWP app as i used paypal to handle IAP They say you must use microsoft to handle IAP i read the GMS docs and it says you have to the IAP extension for that platform looked on marketplace and can only iap extensions for Amazon, Apple and Android so does GMS2 not support...
  3. T

    Android Basic Example for IAP (In-App Purchase) needed

    Hello, I was trying to create a simple Test-App that lets me click on an object and buy let's say 100 Gold for ingame usage. So far I had no luck to implement it the way it is shown on the yoyo help pages. All is set up and on google my Items are created, the app uploaded and with the string...
  4. L

    Android Black screen after purchase an item.

    Hello! Anyone have a problem after buy a product in app like this: When I buy an iten, after google validation, the screen goes black, and have a big delay to return to game, like an 5 or more seconds. Thanks.
  5. M

    Discussion I purchased Game Maker Studio 2, but did not receive a license key.

    By all accounts, I should be fine. My Game Maker Studio 2 has unlocked the extra features, i have access to 1.4 professional, and so on. But for whatever reason, the license key was never generated. If I try to recover the key, the website tells me that there are no licenses to be recovered.
  6. A

    Discussion [SOLVED] Purchased license but stuck w/ trial features

    I just upgraded from trial to a paid license for GMS2. On my account online I see: "GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop 12 Jun 17 Permanent" Yet, even after repeatedly closing / logging-in to GMS2, I can't use "path_add()" "Use of path_add() is not allowed in Trial Version"
  7. RizbIT

    IAP with Windows Phone..

    Does IAP work with Windows Phone? I bought EasyIAP extension from the marketplace and used it, it seems to work fine with Android but with Windows Phone when i press the buy buttons nothing happens. I created the "Add ons" in Windows Developer account (it seems more long winded than on Play...