1. frisina

    GameMaker now compatible with GameDistribution

    Hello everyone! My name is Marco, I am GameDistribution's product owner. I'm new here and this is my first post :) I have some good news to share with the community. From today, we now support games built with GameMaker Studio 2. Our GameMaker plugin can be found on our SDK page here >>>...
  2. Xitilon

    Some of most popular games made with Game Maker (on Steam, by the end of 2020)

    Hi, everyone! I thought, what are the actual numbers behind games made with Game Maker? Everyone (well, almost) heard about UnderTale, Katana Zero, etc, but how much exactly are they popular? Not talking about money here, just the reception, without taking positive/negative opinions into...
  3. H


    I need to be sure. So I can essentially just publish a game from Gamemaker 2 Desktop Edition with nothing like giving some money to the company like with Unity or something?
  4. Arc Trooper

    Meeting the 64 Bit Requirement Google Play

    I have trouble adding an app I made in Gamemaker Studio 2 to Google Play; the only things I'm able to modify is the version of Android and the paths to SDK, JDK, and NDK. I can select the architecture of the device: Armv7, x86, Arm64, x86_64. However, selecting just one of the architectures...
  5. Warspite2

    Distribution Epic Games Store

    Has anyone here published to the Epic Games Store yet? I checked it out and so far I haven't found any information on there about it. From what I can see, it's not like Steam. So if any of you had published on Epic yet and would like to share your experience I would appreciate it, thanks.
  6. KPJ

    Steam Steam Developer Account Question

    Hey everyone! I have a question about publishing your game on Steam. At the moment, I am too young to have my own Steam account, so I use the Steam account of someone older. My question is, can I publish a game on Steam on the older persons account for now, and somehow move the game over to my...
  7. M

    GameJolt or

    Where do you suggest me to publish my games? Gamejolt, or both?
  8. G

    How do i send people my game!?

    So, last time i was on this forum (and GameMaker itself for that matter...) I was using the trial version. Recently, in fact only a couple days ago, a got the $99 permanent license to Game Maker that says it allows me to publish my games to basically any PC system. However, i still can't seem to...
  9. Warspite2


    Has anyone here had any luck with selling games on I have a game I put up there roughly 5 months ago. It only has 12 views, like it hasn't even gotten seen. Then a few of them are from me checking the store page after update. Oh and check this out...the same game has nearly 50k...
  10. giraffeman210

    How do I make my file into an msix or appx file?

    I am trying to publish my GMS2 game on the microsoft store but it needs to me an msix file or an appx file. I have a developer licence but it only downloads as an exe file. How do I do it? Thanks!
  11. frd

    Help: MacOS publishing for distribution outside of Mac App Store

    Hello, I'm looking for support from anyone who has published a MacOS game using GameMaker Studio 2, for free distribution on indie sites like I've never published a game before, and I'm finding that the tutorials I come across online don't exactly match what I'm trying to do. I have...
  12. csanyk

    Question - Uploading 1.4.9999 - Marketplace considerations

    It looks like they've removed the Marketplace menu from 1.4.9999. I can't figure out how to build/publish a new Marketplace asset, or update an existing one. I can create an Extension, and if I right-click on the extension, I have a Create Marketplace Asset option. But when the Edit Asset...
  13. FeetUpGaming

    Myether - My first quality indie game

    I did have a really long post here but i didn't word it very well so people was understandably finding issues with the post so i have just removed it. I will simply now ask 2 questions: 1. What's the best free way to market an indie game made by a single developer? (So not much time to put into...
  14. clee2005

    iOS Apple rejection policy 4.3 Spam

    Ok so I'm VERY frustrated with Apple after having our 2.5 year old app suddenly denied with an update submission siting this policy. I tried another of our games and got this same thing. Got a phone call from an Apple rep finally and got this policy repeated to me over and over as I...
  15. G

    Distribution Publishing on other places before steam

    My game is nearly finished, and I started to think about publishing. I found out that (if I understood correctly), getting a game to steam can take months. So is it better to publish the game first on other places, like and gamejolt, or wait and publish it in all places at the same time...
  16. G

    Question - Uploading Can't choose a publisher

    I tried to upload an asset to the marketplace with GMS2. But as you can see in the image, I can't choose a publisher. I have a publisher account, and have uploaded GMS1 assets before. So am I doing something wrong?
  17. S

    Android Crash reporting/management in mobile platforms?

    Hi, we are closing to releasing a game developed in GameMaker on Android and iOS. My concern is, coming from mobile development, there are lots of solutions for logging and diagnosing crashes (Flurry, Crashlytics, etc) - however I haven't seen any indication on how to make them work with...
  18. L

    Steam Submitting GMS2 game to Steam

    I am considering submitting a game to Steam but I want to make sure I completely understand how to make the game compatible or ready to be submitted to Steam before I pay the fee. I found a link in yoyogames with what looks like a process overview and explaining how to use the Steam SDK with...
  19. JAG

    Distribution Releasing to consoles

    Hi there Im looking for some resources related to publishing to Playstation and Xbox. Im interested in people's general experiences, the costs incurred, advice/lessons learned etc. I searched the forum but it's tough to filter results properly to get at what Im looking for... Personal...
  20. M

    Promote your work here. Add your app to our resources

    Hey! We sterted working on the game reviews page. These are simple and short reviews, but theycould improve the visibility of search engine applications. Entries are free, so add your apps but please remember to include the original and unique text in the form. Do not copy the description...