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    How to make iOS games

    hey guys, I have been searching on the internet, trying to figure out how to publish a game that you have created in GameMaker to IOS (AppStore), but I can’t seem to find it. Does anyone know how to publish your game to iOS ?(is it even possible?)
  2. C

    Android Rocket Sketch - A relaxing and beauty puzzle game

    Hi there! I just published my game made with GameMaker Studio 1.4 on the PlayStore and I'm in willing of feedback. It took a long time to do, mostly because I'm father with other job, so for sure there are a lot of things to do better. But, I thinks the game it's more than complete. It is a...
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    Free Tilt - a simple challenging game for android

    Tilt is a modern take on the classic "fall-down" game, and features and endless and challenge mode for both casual and challenging gameplay. I made it as a school project in less than a year, and as this is my first app, I would love to hear some feedback on how I could improve it, your...