1. S

    Windows Submitting Game

    I'm looking into submitting a puzzle game I made with Studio. Is it possible to upload games here? I looked at the showcase section, but it seems like the game has to already exsist somewhere.
  2. J

    SDK Explanation?

    Hello, I’m new to GMS2 and have recently learned about SDKs. I’m a little confused about what they are and why they’re needed... Are they only necessary for publishing? Do you need to download an SDK before making a game or can you do it after when you’re ready to export? Edit: I am interested...
  3. NazGhuL

    Article Humble tips from a hobbyist

    Hi! There is a lot of game makers here. From young rookies to professionals. Some of them wonder how it's like to publish their lovely game and never did it before. I decided to share my own experience. I could call this: The anxious path of a hobbyist game developer. Anxiety: A feeling of...
  4. 2

    Asset - Graphics Marketplace Bug: Product Icon Image Shows Empty Under Some Catagories after Changing it

    When I uploaded the asset "Quick Debug Variable Set Pages", I realized the text in the icon image was blocked by the smaller icons yoyo adds. I changed the icon image to fix this. When I checked under Marketplace/Latest/All category, the icon image was empty like one of the images below, but the...
  5. Edwin

    Distribution When should people post their in-development process games?

    Hello, people. When someone is making a game, it doesn't matter if is developer started to make it recently, is game is almost done, or is development didn't even start... nevertheless, when is it better time to publish your games that are only in the process of development?
  6. M

    I want to upload my games to

    So I have to purchase the yoyo - gamemaker html licence, as long as it is the in browser online gaming rather than "downloading and installing before play", that I am interested to. That is 150 usd annually or just once?
  7. Caden Black

     How Could I get People to try a Game?

    So about three hours ago I posted a thread in the Work in Progress part of the forums on a game I'm working on. I need feedback on it to make it better and I don't know how I could find people (other than friends) to play test it and get feedback. So are there ways to publish a game to areas or...
  8. J

    How to publish game

    hey guys, I have been searching on the internet, trying to figure out how to publish a game that you have created in GameMaker to IOS (AppStore), but I can’t seem to find it. Does anyone know how to publish your game to iOS ?(is it even possible?) Btw I don’t have a Mac
  9. S

    UWP Create Executable for Target Compile Error

    I am exporting a game I made in GM:S 1.4 to Windows UWP. I followed this tutorial to set up. All instructions were followed and completed without error. Used this for creating an executable for target. I ran...
  10. S

    Export and Publish on Windows App Store

    Summary: export GM:S 1 game on Windows 10, cannot create Windows Developer Submission Package compatible file type I created a game on GM:S and would like to export it as a Windows Game and upload to the Windows App Store. On my Windows Developer Dashboard, it says I need to upload the...
  11. D

    Publish wont work

    When i try to publish it gives me a 404 error page, how do i fix this?
  12. H

    does anyone has knowledge with mobile game development and especially configuration with google play

    My Game 'Tap React' will be published until this year, but i need to setup my game first for google play services. if anyone know about that, pls contact me or add me on steam @epiXxishere
  13. H

    Can someone help me with the Configuration of Google Play Console with the Game?

    Hey there, my name is jan and i am programming a mobile game for android. If there is anyone who could help me, pls contact me or add me on Steam @epiXxishere
  14. H

    Google Play Game Services

    Hey there, my name is jan and i am programming an android mobile game. I want it to be published on Google Play Store and i am trying to set up and configure my game with Google Play Console. Is there anyone already published a Game or knows how that works and could of helping me? Pls contact...
  15. Anomaly

    Ready To Pitch My Game To Publisher

    Hi Guys, So, after about a month of using Game Maker, I've got pretty much the basics functionally working to demonstrate the concept of the game I'm wanting to make. ( AND I say "a month" to illustrate that it's a month strictly spending my time doing this, which is about to reach its end...
  16. M

    Program transfer

    So I've been working on this game project for quite a while now, and I am getting a new computer. Is there a way to just transwer the project or is the project just going to await me on the gamemaker program I would install on my new computer? Thank you!
  17. M

    [SOLVED]sdk issues with android module

    I was able to install the sdk ndk and jdk now how do I test it on my phone, add I app purchases, and publish to google play?? please help and ill hire you for tech support! $
  18. H

    I got 2 Choices.

    Great Game Idea which could be created for smartphone but also pc. Would it be better to publish a game on steam, or better android/ios? I mean which can give better chances to get popular.
  19. A

    SOLVED Can't download/publish my game

    Good day! I'm very new to GameMaker, and I'm trying to create a small game to run on Windows for me and 2 friends. This is a classroom project and will only be used once, so I'm on the free version. I've read that it is possible to play without having to pay, but I can't get it to work somehow...
  20. R

    Released I just published my game its just a short little platformer but I'm curious what everyone thinks of it. . I will be adding 10 free levels every 1 to 2 weeks so that why this cost money. Every 5 levels will introduce a new feature be it ability or enemy. I already have several of these...