pseudo 3d

  1. S_Kleer

    Windows Wolf Tower [72h Pre Made Jam]

    This game was made specifically for 72h jam "Pre Made Jam" and gain 1st place. (This is not a very big game, which takes 5-10 minutes to complete.) Description: Wolf Tower it is platformer game, where wolf must save a foxy! Every level height of tower will growth and appear new enemies...
  2. James222

    GM 8.1 LITE Pseudo 3d Star Wars Game!

    So for no reason at all apart from seeing lolslayers Pseudo 3d engine. I decided to make another silly pointless challenge to myself which is to make a star wars type FPS in nothing other then Game maker 8.1 LITE... Yes lite. So no d3d functions. Ill keep it up to date on here and post updates...
  3. Erayd

    Shaders Creating a window to the player's location

    Here's the issue: In a pseudo 3D game (Zelda/golden sun), when a player walks in front of a tall building or cliff, the player then becomes invisible to the player. I want to find a way to communicate to the player in a fluid way, where the player is and what might be behind that wall when the...
  4. ras maxim

    Raycasting engine - help needed

    Hello. I am trying to implement a simple raycasting algorythm in Game Maker Studio 1.4 following the tutorials by Permadi and Lode Vandevenne and I need some help. Project file: Download Compiled executable: Download Things I want to improve: Division by zero bug. When checking for...
  5. K

    Graphics 2.5D 'Outrun' style racing in Game Maker - possible?

    Hi guys and gals, I'm new here and I'm about to start working on my first ever Game Maker project. I really love pseudo 3D racers like Outrun and Chase HQ and I'd like to do something like this for my next game. I have no idea where to start with Game Maker - is it possible to warp the screen...