1. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2.3+ PS4 virbration not working

    Does Gamemaker Studio 2.3+ support vibration for the PS4 controller. I'm running the rumble function but nothing is happening. I read that if it shows up in slot 4 that it means direct input and will not work. Does this apply to pressure sensitive controls aswell. I swear in the past even back...

    Windows Detect controller type for correct button prompts

    What is the current best way to detect a controller type? I would like to display button prompts automatically according to the type of controller. - gamepad_get_description(gamepadID) is unreliable. When ran from Steam, it always returns "Xinput Standard Controller" - even for a PS4 or another...
  3. 2Bad Games

    Windows BRUTAL RAGE - 2D Beat them up - Demo available - XboxOne / Ps4 / Switch / PC

    Hello everybody I'm Tony from 2BAD GAMES, I'm working on my new game BRUTAL RAGE so I would like to show you the game if you have any feedback, questions do not hesitate ! Demo is available on Gamejolt, Indiedb & itchio ! :D DEMO LINKS Gamejolt link InideDB link link GAMEPLAY BRUTAL...
  4. B

    GMS 2 Get String in Console Exports

    Version: Game Maker Studio 2 Full - IDE v2.2.1.375 - Runtime v2.2.1.291 So I've been working on a game that I'd like to be more console friendly for future exports and have no idea how getting a user entered string would work on something like PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Since my main target...
  5. Z

    GML How do I get DualShock 4 (PS4) controllers to work?

    Hello, I'm sort of to GML to, having only made an extremely simple top-down stealth game without drag-and-drop, I have made a somewhat bold statement to my friends in my 10th grade game design class, that I was going to make a top down, split screen shooter, where player 1 uses the keyboard, and...
  6. Slyddar

    GML PS4 / Direct Input controllers DC when focus lost

    I'm playing around with various controllers in a game that has coop, and noticed in the documentation, specifically this "Also note that the Direct Input interface is run in cooperative mode which means that your game only has access when it is the foreground application, which in turn will...
  7. trentallain

    GMS 2 gp_select PS4 controller

    According to the manual gp_select = The select button (this is a touch-pad press on a PS4 controller). But it doesn't work when I press the touch-pad. Am I doing something wrong? if gamepad_is_connected(4) { if keyboard_check_pressed(ord("E")) or gamepad_button_check_pressed(4,gp_face2) or...
  8. Divinik

    Windows Controller not working after being unplugged?

    I'm using the standard input variables for my controller code: if gamepad_is_connected(0) { sprite_index = x; //insert input options here } else {//keyboard options}; After my controller was unplugged (using a PS4 controller with DS4 Windows, Xinput), it no longer registers when...
  9. J

    PS4 Export Module on GM:S 1.4 available?

    Hey, I'd like want to port a game already published on Steam to PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 platforms. I made the game using GM:S 1.4 and I read that GMS 2 doesn't export to PS3 and Vita. If I buy the PS4 export module for GMS2, can I use it on my 1.4? Thanks!
  10. A

    Windows Issues when connecting and then disconnecting a PS4 controller

    Hey guys, good day! Hope you could help me with this little issue I'm having. Currently I'm working on the feature of allowing players to use a PS4 controlller, but when I connect and then disconnect a PS4 controller, the game stops working. I thought it was something with my project so I...
  11. P

    Windows [SOLVED] DirectInput controller not detected in any slot

    Hi. Was hoping someone could help. I'm trying to test my gamepad control code, and I can't get GMS to detect DirectInput controllers. Tested with both my PS4 gamepad connected by bluetooth, and a SmartJoy USB adapter for a PS2 controller. I know about Xinput vs DirectInput slots, but that...
  12. NathanAuckett

    Windows [SOLVED]PS4 Controller not detected by GameMaker

    Hey, so I went out a bought a PS4 controller today with the intent of using it to test out the multiplayer functionality of a LAN party game I'm making for me and my friends. Why a PS4 controller? Because you can connect it to a PC via Bluetooth which I find very handy and practical. I tried...
  13. S

    Discussion Hello Games being investigated by the ASA So I guess this has gone far enough where Hello Games (No Man's Sky) is...