1. P

    Windows How to split big level

    Hi guys, I need a really good strategy for my first stage of prototyping. My level is huge, has many locations. Because it's slow-paced adventure game, player will go from location to location in classic point and click adventure fashion: player click to open the door -> screen goes black ->...
  2. A

    Legacy GM [resolved]How to turn things visibility on and off? (codes)

    You step on a block and an object becomes visible. You step of the block and the thing becomes invisible again. How? I have an idea down below here, but I don't know if I am on the right track. Am I thinking correctly? Ps. Explain things to me as if I am 5 years old. I am new to GameMaker and...
  3. Phil Strahl

    Windows 6210 B. C.

    So this I participated in the Ludum Dare and got something halfway interesting out of it: 6210 B.C. It's a top-down exploration game where your task is to gather resources to help your village advance. Here's the link to its Ludum Dare page with Windows .exe and the source GameMaker...
  4. S

    Demo Super Heroic Intimidating Turret Prototype

    Hello GameMaker Community! I just recently finished the prototype of my first Videogame, its called Super Heroic Intimidating Turret. Its a top-down shooter where you have to shoot up and down and move from left to right to avoid enemy bullets. I made all graphics and the gameplay alone. At...
  5. T

    Demo Protoype: Vilom Chronicles

    So sometime ago for my university study we were tasked to build a game. After some deliberation we decided to build a game which was a plat-former where one plays as the evil character at first corrupting the world and doing evil things. Once one finished the evil part you would start with the...
  6. L

    Android Spaceship Tilt! The intense bullet hell!

    Hey there, didn't join this forum last time, so here i am :) I've made a prototype for bullet hell-y space shooter based on phone tilting, and i kinda need some tester on this one. Currently there's only 2 enemy ship to fight and each ship has different attack. You can shoot after the...