1. Deadly Serious Media

    Demo min.exe

    taking a brain break fomr ZOMG! development over the holidays and starting building out a Meatboy/N++ style platformer. Play as min and work our way through the lair of the dastardly exe as he tries to kill you with lasers! A dark mode option is in the works as the white can be a bit jarring...
  2. JABSphere94

     Theater of Mons, 2d fighting game (Prototype build)

    My first time uploading a game, Theater of Mons is planned to be a 2-D fighting game where players control teams of monsters that evolve as they fight and survive. The aim of Theater of Mons is to be accessible to newer players while still feeling open ended for veteran players. When a monster...
  3. Lumenflower

    Design How do you plan your game's development?

    I've often fallen into the trap myself of plunging straight into the heart of a game's development without properly planning ahead. This leads to a rapidly escalating level of complexity which leaves the project difficult to continue developing. I was always taught at school to plan my essays...
  4. maranpis

    Portfolio - Audio I will make one song for your prototype

    Hello Ricardo here: I want to make a portfolio of songs for real games that are in development right now. If you are interested in how your game sounds with music I can help you. This will helps to improve your game vision and can be inspiring,motivational and give you more ideas. So this is...
  5. C

    Alpha The Opposite

    Download The Opposite - So this is a prototype game that I may or may not work on depending on how it works out. The Opposite is a simple game where the controls are opposite from one another! The game at the...
  6. IndianaBones

    Final Force II - Modernised Retro Arcade Shooter

    FINAL FORCE II Introducing - Final Force 2 - A retro-inspired scrolling shoot 'em up dragged in to the modern era. Description A shoot em up inspired by retro shmups such as R-Type, Gradius, ThunderForce III and IV, among many others. Features Fake / Pseudo 3D Engine for unparalleled...
  7. A

    Windows 2D cover shooter

    Hello, I will be working on a personal project game similar to Wild Guns (snes). Attached is a rough demo I have so far (blocks shooting each other). This will be my first time putting in more than a week to make a game. Giving myself until the end of the year then dropping the project. But also...
  8. zacharyandrews

    Team Request Perth, Western Australia Programmer wanted.

    Hello all. Reaching out for any GML programmers based in Perth, WA who may be interested in joining in on a project. I've been working on a promising prototype of a 2D (sidescroll) action adventure where you can shift back and forth in Z space at will. (Imagion smashing all the levels of a...
  9. A


    Hello everybody ! ! I am here to present my GM game ! The game is about a village invaded by Supay, a deity who loves to be worshiped and if he doesn't have enough followers, he will unleash his evil minions. This is when the players, as guardians of the place, try to save the people. So...
  10. B

    A Snowman's Journey Prototype Demo

    here is a prototype demo for our game ASMJ. it is a platformer puzzle adventure game, be aware its a prototype so things will be buggy. the link im going to give you, will take you to our website, from there you will go to asmj demo tab, then download the game, it will take you to
  11. A

    Ready To Pitch My Game To Publisher

    Hi Guys, So, after about a month of using Game Maker, I've got pretty much the basics functionally working to demonstrate the concept of the game I'm wanting to make. ( AND I say "a month" to illustrate that it's a month strictly spending my time doing this, which is about to reach its end...
  12. D

    Free 30 Second Painter - Decorating rooms with a shotgun.

    Game Description: A top down 2D game with a race against the clock element. You play as a painter who has a nasty habit of sleeping on the job. Fortunately you always wake up in the knick of time to get the job done. Armed with your own personal arsenal of painting weaponry. you've never let a...
  13. H

     Duck World (RPG, prototype with source code)

    :duck: *quack* *quack* Hi, im hatched duckling. im newbie! when i hatched out in GameMaker world, I was surprised that i can make my own game with GM! *quack!* I have learned game maker from many tutorials, manuals, communities, googling, youtube, and so on... it took a loooooooong time, but...
  14. The Last Random

    GML [SOLVED] Alarms, Delay and Decay.

    Hey everyone, I have run into a problem due to lack of knowledge. I am trying to make a little prototype to test an idea I have for a proficiency system (Irrelevant info) The Main functionality is that you start with 0XP, you click a button and you get +1XP, a small timer prevents you from...
  15. WarpDogsVG

    Windows [Update v0.80.0] Village Monsters - A Monstrous Life Sim Game

    Quick Info Release: Fall 2019 for PC / Mac / Linux. TBD for Nintendo Switch Genre: Life Sim in the style of Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley Steam: Twitter: Website:
  16. M

     [Working Prototype] - Billy Block

    This platformer will be unique in the sense that the player will favor speed over jumping, just like such run 'n' leap classics as Pitfall! and Keystone Kapers. In this game - really just a working prototype ATM - you play a lowly block in a 1-bit monochrome laser-light world who can only jump...
  17. T

    Job Offer - Artist Looking for 2D artist for prototype (Payed after kickstarter)

    Introduction Hi everyone! I am currently looking for 2D artists for my project. I want to make a quick prototype to show off on my Kickstarter page, which I want to start in about a month from now. I do not have money to pay right now, but if the Kickstarter campaign goes well I will pay you...
  18. angusbeer

    Alpha Bloid Invaders

    So i'm kind of new to Game Maker and thought i'd make a Space Invaders clone, just to get the basics of the program down. I'm concerned that some PCs don't run this at 60 FPS like it should do, so I want feedback on how well the game runs for you. Aswell as any other feedback on what you...
  19. G

    Dueling Devblogs

    Welcome to Dueling Devblogs, the blog where two good friends and game devs each make games as a way of discussing their outlooks on design philosophies. For more of our background and all blog posts you can visit - Both our games are being made in Game Maker 2, so we...
  20. kamiyasi

    3D Multiplayer Twin Stick Shooter

    Update 2/13/17 Here's what's changed since last time. There is a health/kill/death/respawn system now and a HUD to go with it. Also, some bug fixes mostly involving how keyboard controls work. Lastly, AI players are implemented. They still need a bit of work, especially in delaying reaction...