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    noob question, object properties.

    so i was wondering, how to assign "properties" to objects. what i mean by that: for example, i have Player, who is colliding only with obj_solid. So, to add different kinds of solid platforms, i create an object as a child for obj_solid, so that player will collide with all of them. but that is...
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    Legacy GM Sound properties volume slider does not work with audio groups

    I was wondering if there was any easy way to change individual sound volume in audio groups. Before I started using audio groups, I could swear that the volume slider in sound properties worked, but now it does nothing. I can turn the volume all the way up or all the way down and still the sound...
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    GMS 2 Returning Physics_World Variables

    Hello, does anyone know how to return values such as gravity in the current room or if physics are enabled in the current room? I have looked at: physics world/index.html...
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     [Request] Instance Layer Properties in Room Editor

    It would be useful to be able to apply properties to a entire instance layer in the Room Editor so that anything placed on that instance layer in the future has such properties, and the layer properties can be changed at any later time too. Instance properties such as: transparency, color...
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    Question - IDE How can I change properties of many Sounds at the same time?

    Hello again! I have a lot of sound assets already included in the IDE and I would like to apply them the same properties with a single click. For example, I want to change the bitrate of all sounds, or assign them the same audio group. Is this possible? Thanks! Dani
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    Windows Automatically Disable Display Scaling on High DPI Displays

    In the Properties of a Windows .exe file (at least on Windows 10), in the "Settings" section of the "Compatibility" tab, there is an option called "Disable Display Scaling on High DPI Displays". Long story short, having this box checked makes my game display how I want it to, and having it...