1. kammer_black

    Demo Epic Warriors Pocket Beta

    Hello everyone. I'm almost done with my first game after many years of projects stopped without finishing. It is a simple game for mobile, but it took me 3 months to get to the current point. I want to expand the game modes, but I wanted to know how it is doing so far. I'm doing it myself and...
  2. Alaska Minds

    Windows Blac Demu (Action RPG - Hack and Slash)

    Hello All. I've created a project game named "Blac Demu." It is an action RPG that starts with a character named "Shadow-Man," that has been cast into Hell. You meet a gatekeeper and enter a portal into the underworld where you encounter the souls of the damned.... The rest has yet to come...
  3. A

    Discussion Call for aid - Game console for Game creators

    Hi! I'm a student from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. I'm studying Design and Product Realisation. Currently, we're tasked to design a handheld game console for a startup company. The main idea is to make creating games more accessible by creating a handheld console...
  4. H

    Discussion GMS2 suitable for cross platform browser based mmorpg?

    Hello community, as the title suggests I am curious if GMS2 is a suitable platform for a rather ambitious project I have been planning for a while now. I need the following Intuitive development environment that grows with my skill levels and the projects scope Be exportable in a format that...
  5. JaimitoEs

    Asset - Project Match3 RPG Engine [UPDATE] GMS1 & GMS2

    ***MATCH3-RPG ENGINE** UPDATE 1.5 FOR GMS2. Now Spine´s animations uploads works perfectly in the Marketplace. >>>>MARKETPLACE STORE Demo 1.2 ANDROID Demo 1.2 WINDOWS IMPORTANT NOTE : Sprites are only for personal use, do not use it on your projects, avoiding copyright issues. Spine...
  6. BulleTech Studios

    Windows ProjectSpend - Game Project Budget Tracker

    Over the past while now I have been using GameMaker to develop a small number of free Windows/Web apps for my own fun/learning and to help myself as well as other indie game[maker] developers. I'm now at the point where I'd like to share them with everyone and get some feedback. ProjectSpend...
  7. mikix

    Asset - Project Selling project and migrating to your Steamworks account

    NOT SELLING ANYMORE! I've spent $1000 on it and a lot of time. I'm willing to sell this for $1500 including things that have not yet been added to the project. Includes: 1 high res room image. Custom made pixel art for you to make rooms with and download the surface (room image) to...
  8. E

    Question - IDE Corrupted project after GMS2 update

    After updating GMS2 to and opening my project, a message appeared saying something like this: "This project has many base paths/locations, do you want GMS to try to repair it?" (but in my language, spanish). I clicked 'yes' and when i tried to compile my game, an error message...
  9. 2

    Asset - Project Marketplace Refuses to Upload yyz Project Asset, Gives Error

    I'm trying to upload an asset to the marketplace. It's a yyz file so can import it into Game Maker Studio 2. Whenever I try uploading it under versions it says "You must select the correct GameMaker Studio asset." I haven't been able to upload any versions yet. Why's it saying this. Am I...
  10. RobertRamsay

    Asset - Graphics Shoot Em Up , Racing, Golf, Isometric and Pixels

    Projects and Graphics assets on my marketplace. Check them out here:
  11. mikix

    Asset - Project Survival RPG

    I've finally squeezed the project I've worked on for a long time into a downloadable marketplace asset. There are a lot of features in this project. Some are not put inside the room since there is just one room, like workable save feature that also saves your coins for the next playthrough! Buy...
  12. T

    help updating an old project

    I would like to see the source code to a old pokemon movement engine on the game maker legacy forums. My issue is the file is a .gmk, but there does not seem to be a way to open it in game maker studio 2. Could some one with a older version of game maker studio update the .gmk so I can view it...
  13. yaragad

    Asset - Project [Solved] Isometric RPG game template?

    Hi. I think isometric or top view 2d map games are some of the basis of GMS2. The thing is, Im a bit lazzy to program all the collisions, 8 direction possible collisions, been behind a tree or not, etc etc. Do you guys know any template, demo or project that I can use as template? If it is...
  14. B

    Asset - Project Complete RTS Engine

    This is the complete RTS engine for Game Maker Studio!!! It allows you to gather resources, build a town, train an army, and fight a computer opponent. You will have the ability to create your own maps using Game Maker's Room Editor. Just replace the sprites with your own top down artwork and...
  15. dialgpalkia

    Portfolio - Programming [Taken] Programmer looking for Active Project

    Hi there, My name is dialgpalkia and I am a programmer looking to join an active project. I was an active GMC member around 2014, having made many games on my own (sadly none got far due to my lack of artistic prowess), and also being a programmer for a few other games such as Dead Stories...
  16. Luotigames

    Asset - Project Roguelite top-down shooter

    GMS 2.0 GMS 1.4 This asset pack contains over 20 sprites, simple animations, simple sounds and a lot of commented code. You can create your own shooting...
  17. PlayerOne

    Alpha Project: Plastic - An Army Men Inspired Game

    Description: A 2D action metroidvania-ish game where you can freely explore an abandoned farmhouse. Unlock paths using different weapons and (possibly) abilities to take down enemies from all kinds of toys ranging the spectrum. Explore fridges, vents, bookshelves and more to destroy different...
  18. GapingPixel

    Portfolio - Programming Will program your game for a good price!

    Intro Hey! I'm a game programmer and designer who's really passionate about 2D games, been into game development for 4+ years by now, Computer Science Background as well,and have work for several game projects, including console exporting experience! Objective I'm looking for compelling...
  19. matharoo

    HTML5 Project Force

    It's in a very early stage right now, I'm mainly making this thread so that I have at least some motivation to continue working on it. Project Force The codename is "Project Force" because it's inspired from the Force Push™ ability from Star Wars. Play the prototype here
  20. clee2005

    Android / Amazon Fire Gradle build with Google Firebase

    I managed to get Firebase Crashlytics to build but I have to put the "google-services.json" in the android/runner/project folder for it to get picked up by the build. This is fine for this one app... I'd rather not have to switch this file out for each build of different apps. Is there a...