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    Windows Project Directory Modified - Empty project - Fresh Install

    I have just created an account, downloaded the trial version and started following the "Space Rocks" tutorial to learn how to use GameMaker and this "Project Directory Modified" window keeps popping up. It happens even if the project is empty. I'm not using OneDrive or Dropbox or anything...
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    Question - D&D Moving Resources Between Projects

    Just wondering if there is a way to move resources between projects. I tried literally copying the folder for a game objects in one project and pasting it into the game objects folder of another project but the object did not appear in that project in game maker.
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    Discussion "Project Modified" error in GMS 2 since v2.0.4.64

    Hello! Since the last version of GMS 2, I'm getting the following "Project Modified" error each time I create a new resource (a sprite, a room, etc.): There are two options: "Reload" or "Save". It doesn't matter which one I use, the error keeps appearing when I try to add new resources...