1. P

    Accurate future location shot finder

    I was trying to buid something that predicts where it should shoot to hit the enemy, i have tried using a simple script that looked like this var i = instance_nearest; var di = point_direction(x,y,i.x,i.y); var dist = point_distance(x,y,i.x,i.y); time = dist/bulletspeed; alpha = i.direction -...
  2. SgtMoose151996

    GMS 2 In-game survey?

    Background: Currently, I am developing a 2D pixel art bullet-hell boss rush inspired by R-Type, Bloodborne, and StarFox 64 (link to demo here) I have done localized focus group testing and am planning a strategy for broader market research. One consideration I have is a short in-game survey...
  3. SirCaliber

    GMS 2.3+ draw_sprite lagging behind 1 frame

    Hey guys! So I've got a bit of a problem - when using draw_sprite, the player object is drawn first, then the glasses sprite in draw_sprite is being drawn on top of it, which is intended. However, the problem is that the glasses sprite is being drawn 1 frame after the object is being drawn. I'm...
  4. M

    How to disable a tile layer when press a key.

    So, for example, how can i do to desactive the tile layer when i press enter and then reactive it when press enter again?
  5. R

    Help with layer_sequence_create

    I'm using layer_sequence_create to create a transition from one room to the next the code is -------------------------------------------------------------------- function TransitionPlaceSequence(_type) { if (layer_exists("transition")) layer_destroy("transition") var _lay =...
  6. A

    Help with running paths & timelines

    Hi, I imported a game made from GM Studio 1.4 into GM Studio 2.0, and learning GM 2.0. (FYI, I don't know much about GML) However, the conversion doesn't seem successful. In my game, with a mouse click, it was supposed to run action_path(), action_sound() and action_timeline_set() at the same...
  7. A

    GMS 2 Help with black screen in GM 2

    Hi all, I'm a GM2 beginner. I made a game using Drag/Drop on GM Studio 1.4 and imported the old game from GM1.4 into GM2. However, when I run the imported game on GM2 and click a button (i.e., button named "accept_practice_F1" from the screenshot), the game screen goes black and it crashes...
  8. face

    GML Programming basics in 20 minutes. (cheat sheet)

    GM Version: Studio 2.3 Target Platform: Windows Download: see code below Links: n/a Summary: In this tread I will teach you the basics of programing with GML. Attention: Useful information will be available here but you will need to use this regularly to get decent at it. What not to expect...
  9. K

    GMS2 auto scaling and where to find it

    Hi all, I notice GMS2 auto scale up my game to fit the display. My game is designed in 360x640 but then it displayed as 720x1280 on a display. May I know where to find the setting and set it to follow the code precisely?
  10. K

    The show_message() does not seems to be working...

    Hi, I am new to GMS2 and I face a issue. I try to use show_message("Hello World!"); but it doesn't show in output window or appear in a pop-up window. My system is Windows 10 and the version of GMS2 I am using is This is the screenshot of the editor.
  11. S

    Developing on windows, exporting to Mac

    I'm making a game on a windows machine, but I'd like to export to Mac. I have a license that should allow me to do so, but when I export on my machine it automatically makes it a windows-only version. I tried installing GMS2 on the Mac I have access to, moving the project to that computer, and...
  12. D

    Help me if you can

    hello guys im very knew to prgraming and gamemaker. I alredy watched tones of videos but i still dont get how to do meny things. i am programming an rpg game with the GML from gamemaker studio 1.8. im doing an rpg game and have some things going on. the sprites dont look good when i press play...
  13. T

    Tethering item system

    Hi I am relatively new to GMS2 and game programming. I am looking for ideas on how to implement a specific type of inventory/item system. In my game I have the player control a space ship and collect items in space. I want to make a system where the inventory of the ship is based on the items...
  14. A

    Minor Help with Carousel selection menu?

    Hello to all, I have been watching this video ( just put "youtube com" here---> /watch?v=yWhqLR20RXU&t=121s) and if anyone can help me with only one thing, I wanna hide all sprites that are in the back and always show only the front ones? I did manage to get this working but I have only this one...
  15. Wafi Hussain

    How to add audio sounds to textbox dialogues?

    I am using this framework given in this video, to make the NPC object produce audio sounds for textbox dialogues. So I would like to know how to add voice overs to a specific dialogue. Here is the code, obj_NPC Create Event: msg = [ ["Hey there!", "Rob", sImage1], ["Hello! It's-a-me...
  16. S

    GMS 2 Escape Key Press event not triggering while holding the up & left arrow keys.

    Hey y'all, I'm working on implementing some pretty basic features into a game. I currently have 8-directional top-down movement working based on this tutorial from FriendlyCosmonaut. I have also implemented a pause function based on this tutorial from Let's Learn This Together. I've made some...
  17. L

    How to program an AI (with probability)

    Hello guys, I made an account on here solely for the purpose of asking for help with this one problem I cant seem to fix. To give you a little understanding of the situation: I am new to GameMaker and have to program an old arcade game for a university-class. I chose to program Tron. Now I would...
  18. shoyguer

    GMS 2.3+ (SOLVED) Need help with Slope collision & Movement

    I want to make a smooth collision with slopes. I made that script but then it collides with the slope, this happens: I followed a lot of different tutorials and no one worked. It always make the player jump or climb this slow and pixel by pixel, which is very weird. Look at the following...
  19. V

    Jump not working right and run speed gets progressively faster

    The controls respond but the output is not right. You can see that it tries to jump but never leaves the platform. When I run, the speed does not cap, so it gets increasingly faster. Any ways to go about this? Create Event /// @description Init Vars // Global array to store gamepad info in...
  20. Claspo Jones

    GML Grabbing Variable Values From Object IDs In DS Lists

    I'm trying to set up a system where once a teleporter object (obj_teleporter) collides with the player, it looks through a DS list "global.tele_list" which stores the ids of any teleport stops (obj_teleportstop) in the current room, then when it finds one with a matching tele_id value (ex: both...