1. S

    Parallax Background - preview working, compiler stretches everything

    Hey, hopefully the title and gif explains it all. No code used, just horizontal speed for an image in a background layer. Everything works until I hit run. Please help me find a fix. Thanks in advance.
  2. M

    Need help, My alarms are not working.

    The problem that i have is a little bit hard to explain . i have a project with 2 rooms, in the first room a have a instance of an object with a code, that code has 4 alarms. The problem appers ,if i create a leyer in the other room ( could be anything a path, a instance , etc), half of the...
  3. W

    GMS 2.3+ Tile based LOS and Bresenham's line algorithm

    I am a simple man, with a very low capacity for math. in light of this, you can see how my game programming journey would be a cursed endeavor, being the equivalent of a blind man desiring to be a landscape artist. However “To try and fail is at least to learn; to fail to try is to suffer the...
  4. Minerkey

    Shaders causing ghosting on transparency

    I'm working on a game with a friend (Shadows and Sickles) and I've been implementing a few visual things including an image-rounding shader. Issue is (and this is a problem I've encountered with other shaders too) that when dealing with transparent objects using image_alpha or any alpha thats...
  5. A

    SOLVED is there any way to set an instance scale from instance_create?

    hi so im trying to make an tower defense game and i want the scale of any object to get smaller according to its cordenates so the problem is all turrets,mechanisms when they are created i use the playerscale to set their scale but that wouldnt work with any projectiles so is there anyways to...
  6. W

    SOLVED Children not inheriting

    I have an object named pPlayerEntity which contains all the keyboard input movements and some information about a player state machine I have set up. My goal here is to have the player control multiple different little characters throughout the game. I thought I would do this by having the...
  7. P

    Accurate future location shot finder

    I was trying to buid something that predicts where it should shoot to hit the enemy, i have tried using a simple script that looked like this var i = instance_nearest; var di = point_direction(x,y,i.x,i.y); var dist = point_distance(x,y,i.x,i.y); time = dist/bulletspeed; alpha = i.direction -...
  8. SgtMoose151996

    GMS 2 In-game survey?

    Background: Currently, I am developing a 2D pixel art bullet-hell boss rush inspired by R-Type, Bloodborne, and StarFox 64 (link to demo here) I have done localized focus group testing and am planning a strategy for broader market research. One consideration I have is a short in-game survey...
  9. SirCaliber

    GMS 2.3+ draw_sprite lagging behind 1 frame

    Hey guys! So I've got a bit of a problem - when using draw_sprite, the player object is drawn first, then the glasses sprite in draw_sprite is being drawn on top of it, which is intended. However, the problem is that the glasses sprite is being drawn 1 frame after the object is being drawn. I'm...
  10. M

    How to disable a tile layer when press a key.

    So, for example, how can i do to desactive the tile layer when i press enter and then reactive it when press enter again?
  11. R

    Help with layer_sequence_create

    I'm using layer_sequence_create to create a transition from one room to the next the code is -------------------------------------------------------------------- function TransitionPlaceSequence(_type) { if (layer_exists("transition")) layer_destroy("transition") var _lay =...
  12. A

    Help with running paths & timelines

    Hi, I imported a game made from GM Studio 1.4 into GM Studio 2.0, and learning GM 2.0. (FYI, I don't know much about GML) However, the conversion doesn't seem successful. In my game, with a mouse click, it was supposed to run action_path(), action_sound() and action_timeline_set() at the same...
  13. A

    GMS 2 Help with black screen in GM 2

    Hi all, I'm a GM2 beginner. I made a game using Drag/Drop on GM Studio 1.4 and imported the old game from GM1.4 into GM2. However, when I run the imported game on GM2 and click a button (i.e., button named "accept_practice_F1" from the screenshot), the game screen goes black and it crashes...
  14. face

    GML Programming basics in 20 minutes. (cheat sheet)

    GM Version: Studio 2.3 Target Platform: Windows Download: see code below Links: n/a Summary: In this tread I will teach you the basics of programing with GML. Attention: Useful information will be available here but you will need to use this regularly to get decent at it. What not to expect...
  15. K

    GMS2 auto scaling and where to find it

    Hi all, I notice GMS2 auto scale up my game to fit the display. My game is designed in 360x640 but then it displayed as 720x1280 on a display. May I know where to find the setting and set it to follow the code precisely?
  16. K

    The show_message() does not seems to be working...

    Hi, I am new to GMS2 and I face a issue. I try to use show_message("Hello World!"); but it doesn't show in output window or appear in a pop-up window. My system is Windows 10 and the version of GMS2 I am using is This is the screenshot of the editor.
  17. S

    Developing on windows, exporting to Mac

    I'm making a game on a windows machine, but I'd like to export to Mac. I have a license that should allow me to do so, but when I export on my machine it automatically makes it a windows-only version. I tried installing GMS2 on the Mac I have access to, moving the project to that computer, and...
  18. D

    Help me if you can

    hello guys im very knew to prgraming and gamemaker. I alredy watched tones of videos but i still dont get how to do meny things. i am programming an rpg game with the GML from gamemaker studio 1.8. im doing an rpg game and have some things going on. the sprites dont look good when i press play...
  19. T

    Tethering item system

    Hi I am relatively new to GMS2 and game programming. I am looking for ideas on how to implement a specific type of inventory/item system. In my game I have the player control a space ship and collect items in space. I want to make a system where the inventory of the ship is based on the items...
  20. A

    Minor Help with Carousel selection menu?

    Hello to all, I have been watching this video ( just put "youtube com" here---> /watch?v=yWhqLR20RXU&t=121s) and if anyone can help me with only one thing, I wanna hide all sprites that are in the back and always show only the front ones? I did manage to get this working but I have only this one...