programming fun

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    autoTiling 8 bit with multiple terrain types (open)

    I'm sure it's something dumb and easy but I have been racking my brain for days over this. essentially, these lines of code return a boolean that gets multiplied and returns an index to be converted into an image_index and helping me autotile while running my game. problem is that it only works...
  2. V

    Spawning Crystal on ground (Need help)

    so here is my code: //grounded if(hspeed == 0 && vspeed == 0) { image_speed = 0.1; sprite_index = spr_crystalFrog_idle_L; } if instance_exists(obj_shield_idle) { with(instance_create(obj_crystalFrog_idle_L.x,y,obj_crystal)) { speed = -2; if(obj_crystal >=...
  3. K

    Discussion Worst programming language

    Found this talk where someone defines the worst possible programming language by drawing inspiration from various programming languages such as PHP, Python, COBOL, JavaScript etc and using the worst elements from each of them.
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    Discussion lolcode

    I just accidentally bumped into the most adorable programming language! It draws on the language of cat memes. It's what's known as an esoteric/wierd language or toy language, not used seriously but was created out of a sense of fun. Apparently the creator of the language felt there wasn't...