1. king_frnk

    How do you rotate a Game Object around a specified point?

    I was working on a small game to get my experience up and I wanted to remake a game called "Pick the Lock". Fast forward>> I wanted to know how to rotate the player object around a specific point in the room; So it would look like it's going in circles? Any help? This is the code I have so far...
  2. V

    Objects not showing Up! (beginner)

    Hi guys. In my game, ive created some cutscenes. The cutscenes are just sprites and i convert them to object and just paste it in the room for many other cutscenes. However, i've just created 2 new cutscenes and i did the same with the rest of the other cutscenes by just makign them as object...
  3. V

    NPC TextBox. How to destroy? (beginner question)

    so this code is in my step event for my NPC if(keyboard_check_pressed(ord("E"))) && (distance_to_object(obj_shield_idle)) < 1 { open = 1; } if (open = 1) { instance_create (200,440,obj_textbox); } else { if(distance_to_object(obj_shield_idle)) > 1 with(obj_textbox)...
  4. V

    Need help to make invincible box.

    So i have a player and an enemy. I want to make a mechanic whereby the enemy which is a frog, will jump towards the player when detected in a certain range. Then when it reach the player at a certain range. It will spawn crystals which will hurt the player. After that it will countdown for 3...
  5. V

    Spawning Crystal on ground (Need help)

    so here is my code: //grounded if(hspeed == 0 && vspeed == 0) { image_speed = 0.1; sprite_index = spr_crystalFrog_idle_L; } if instance_exists(obj_shield_idle) { with(instance_create(obj_crystalFrog_idle_L.x,y,obj_crystal)) { speed = -2; if(obj_crystal >=...
  6. V

    Key press problem? (Beginner's question)

    so this is my code for animation transitioning _keyL = keyboard_check_pressed(ord("L")); _keyD = keyboard_check(ord("D")); _keyA = keyboard_check(ord("A")); _keySpace = keyboard_check_pressed(vk_space); if (_keyL == true) { image_speed = 0.6; sprite_index = spr_shield_combo1_R; }...
  7. V

    Help! Player goes missing ! [SOLVED]

    this code is in my creation code of my player < //HP _hp = 10; healthbar_width = 285; healthbar_height = 48; healthbar_x = 40; healthbar_y = 0; //100 pixels above the player /> so i created a draw event, then i made a script like this if (_hp == 9 ) {...
  8. V

    Animation transitioning (Need Help!)

    Ive been trying to make my player from idle to attack animation when he is grounded and when he press the L key but it just wont work since my idle is overwriting it? Here is my code < _keyL = keyboard_check_pressed(ord("L")); _keyD = keyboard_check(ord("D")); _keyA = keyboard_check(ord("A"))...
  9. conman06

    GMS 2 Programming a thwomp-like enemy?

    Hey, just wondering if anyone has scripts for a thwomp or if anyone know how to program a thwomp. If you could share it with me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  10. DNgames

    This loop keeps setting objects to same x coordinate or it does not even create them all expect the first one pls help.

    -I want to make save system for my buildings but it wont work so here are the codes. name = obj_const_wall; for(var i = 0; i < obj_stats.maxstructures; i++) { if(obj_stats.structure[i, 0] == -1 and obj_stats.structure[i, 1] == -1) { obj_stats.structure[i, 0] = name...
  11. conman06

    GMS 2 Floating character

    Okay, so I'm trying to program the player's vertical collision. My problem is that the player hovers over the ground, yet it says that it is on the floor. I can assure you that it is not a hitbox problem. Below is the code for vertical collision. //Gravity if (!place_meeting(x,bbox_bottom +...
  12. Bulldrome

    Local Multiplayer

    Hello I'm currently working on a top down, spaceship arena game and have a few questions about getting local multiplayer working. I have a menu set up for selecting your ship and color as well as a stage select. After player 1 has selected a ship, is there a way to return to the ship...
  13. E

    Combo not working

    When I right click the character makes the first and second combo moves. How to avoid this? Step Event: key_left = keyboard_check_direct(ord("A")); key_right = keyboard_check_direct(ord("D")); key_jump = keyboard_check_pressed(ord("W")); left_click = mouse_check_button_pressed(mb_left)...
  14. A

    Sprite Running animation, disappears forward when moving.

    Hey, I'm brand new to game maker. And I am in the middle of learning the basics. I currently have programmed move forward and back as well as jump with animations. But when I move forward the sprite disappears. At first, when I jumped once he landed it would stay in the falling animation, even...
  15. W

    Need help with this code!

    Why this statment does not work correctly sometimes Its kind of bugged idk state like triggers when you are too close i need help! Please var dis = point_distance(x,y,obj_player1.x,obj_player1.y); if(dis < sight){state = "attack"}
  16. E

    Solid to each other child objects

    So... I wanted to know. Is there some way to make child object solid ONLY to each other?
  17. W

    Please help read the post

    I dont know why but when i attach script to two of my object they both need to stand on plate to trigger it. But when script is attached to only one of them only one needs to stand on plate to trigger it. Please help! ///scr_preshureplate(PreshurePlateID,ActivatedObjectID,ActivatedObjectID2)...
  18. G

    Team Request Looking for GMC Programmer to assist in creation of game

    Hey viewer, I assume you're here for the job. You probably want to know what you're getting into, so here goes. I'm basically the lead artist for a Sonic Fangame called Sonic Rebound. I've been sent here by the owner to find him another programmer, as he is the only one. Sonic Rebound is...
  19. D

    [SOLVED] a function that tells the distance between two object's collision masks?

    im fairly new to programming, so I want to ask a question: tnx for any kind of response
  20. S

    GMS 2 How to Make Character Go Automatically to Where Mouse Clicked

    As the title says, how do I make a character (sprite) to go (walk automatically) from its current position to where the mouse clicks? Also avoiding obstacles on its way? More like not walking through objects/obstacles. Thank you so much in advance, and any help is appreciated!