programmign help

  1. Christopher A. Orestis

    How do I find a particular object that contains a particular value

    something like this... if (obj.var < 3) { with (obj.var < 3) { obj.var += 1; } } //========================================================================== I want to make it so: if (a particular obj with the smallest value of var && that are less then a value of 3) { // code }...
  2. E


    I want the enemy ai to follow the player until the position it can hit but while the player is heading rights it works but unfortunately it doesn't function while heading left. here is my code: if State == enemyState.Playerseen{ if (can_see == true){ var lastPlayerPosition = inst.x...
  3. M

    Grid-Based Enemy Movement

    NOTE: I use GM: Studio 1 I want to make an enemy who walks following a grid-based movement. This enemy follows another object. I don't know if I'm clear, but is the same movement of RPGMaker characters and NPCs
  4. F

    How to create tile based collisions?

    Hi, guys. I'm new in this wonderful thing of programming and I need a little help. I'm paciently creating a board-like game of strategy (turn based) and i have done the grid and the basic movement in there. The problem isthe following: I want to have a collision system for my armies so the dont...
  5. T

    Program a Choice Based game.

    My goal is to create a complex version of a text adventure in which choices will lead to different consequences in a story. :) I would like to a program a game In Game Maker Studio 2 in which a players choice affects the story. So there are various possibilities. For example, if a player gives...
  6. E

    How do you stop a moving Object at a Precise pixel?

    So here's the problem I would greatly appreciate it if someone can solve it. The breadstick is falling at a speed of 12px (speed = 12) from above. By the time I can check for a collision between the 2 white lines on the bread it is off by 2pixels. The higher the speed the more inaccurate and off...