1. Cameron

    Portfolio - Programming Experienced Programmer/Game Developer For Hire

    Hi, my name's Cameron, I have a passion for game development and would love to bring that passion to your project! I have been doing game development in GMS (GameMaker Studio), full time, for about 7 to 8 years now. Some of the time has been working on my own projects and some working for...
  2. betitoas1

    Job Offer - Artist Looking for a collaboration with a 2D pixel artist.

    Hello my name is Mario!, i am developer of Fallen Threats on Steam and i am looking for a collab with a 2D pixel artist, i am a programmer who started since i was 13 now i am 20, i have a real big idea of a game, there will be no payment for now, i see this as an oportunity to grow the skills...
  3. honeybone82

    Portfolio - Programming Programmer,Animator,Musician,Experienced looking for project

    HI! My name is Howard Robinson IV. I have made an entire game from top to bottom, formed a company, then put it up for sale on steam. It wasn't very successful, mind you, but I became well acquitted with the entire experience. X Archetype Steam Page BONEYARD GAMES LLC I would be happy to...
  4. A Random Creator

    Portfolio - Programming [Closed] Experienced GML Programmer for Hire

    About me: Hello! My name is Isaiah, I'm 18 and I've been coding with Game Maker since ~2016 and consider myself experienced at doing so. I pride myself in completing all of my work as swiftly and professionally as possible. Requirements: Loose time restrictions: As I said before I always try...
  5. Aria

    Portfolio - Programming Experienced | Programmer | Looking for Work

    About Me Hello, my name is Aria. I'm a game programmer. I’ve been working with Game Maker Studio 2 for about 3 years. I also have some experience working with Unity 2D and Godot. I can work with most programming related aspects of 2D games, including, but not limited to: Platformer Shoot’em...
  6. Dwighty4000

    GMS 2 "room_goto" problem (why do it crashs?)

    It says all the time that object from: "obj_Player_kneipenstrasse.x" cannot be found, but why is that? after all, the room is changed in time, where there is this obj_Player_kneipenstrasse? The "creation-code" of the object where this whole source code is located and which is in another room...
  7. CodeManu

    Job Offer - Programmer [PAID] Programmer required to port a NodeJS server to GML.

    Hi there! I'm looking for a programmer with NodeJS and GML knowledge to port an existing NodeJS server to GML. The server has roughly 3000 lines of code. This is a paid job and if you are interested please message me and we'll discuss the price.
  8. DatZach

    Portfolio - Programming [For Hire] Experienced multi-discipline programmer (15 yrs experience)

    Zachary Reedy Email paraton [at] hotmail [dot] com Discord DatZach#1775 With a combined 15 years of experience in professional and hobbyist programming spaces, I am a highly skilled and efficient developer. My experience has been focused on Platform Engines, Networking, Localization...
  9. RobertRamsay

    Job Offer - Programmer [$25/hr] SHADER PROGRAMMER Required

    Hi there, I am a freelance technical artist developing some cool tools using gamemaker and some of their features would benefit from shaders, so, my being technical but not so into programming shaders and more into the art side of things, I am looking for someone who can develope shaders I...
  10. Greenwitch

    Portfolio - Programming [$15/h] Experienced Programmer Available for Work (Affordable Rate)

    Hi! I'm Greenwitch, I'm an experienced programmer/software engineer with years of experience in general computer-science field. So those are only the things that I specialize in, and only things that can help me stand out among the crowd of other programmers looking for work. But on top of...
  11. Fataliti

    Portfolio - Programming Programmer 2+ years of experience

    Coder with 2+ years experience in GMS also can work with python. I am looking for a job as a programmer. The price is negotiable but I count on 7-10$ per hour. Contact with me: discord: Fataliti // Reifshneider#3923 email: this is what i made...
  12. Gavolot

    Portfolio - Programming Programming or optimization, as well as gmEdit!

    For a long time I helped not a small number of projects on this engine. I also learned to program on third-party programming environments such as unity. Therefore, I think it will not be difficult for me to help your project start flying. For some time I studied (and study) with...
  13. SnotWaffle Studios

    Team Request Programmer looking for Artist

    I'm looking for a 2d artist that is down to work at a casual pace on a small scarecrow game I'm working on. Not paid, just for fun and practice. GIF of what I have so far: Main assets I'm looking for right now: -Scarecrow body -Scarecrow head -Scarecrow face (emoted...
  14. Ben Collie

    Job Offer - Programmer Solo dev looking for GM2 programmer - DEMO

    Hello Everyone! My name is Ben collie, I'm an artist and game developer. I'm currently working on my first independent game. I need someone to work with me (as a programmer) on a demo for it . It's a story driven top down rpg, with the style of pixel art. Games like "Undertale" and "Lisa", as...
  15. Rtw123321

    Portfolio - Programming Gamemaker studio 2 Prgorammer // Cheap!

    Hello, My name is Ryan Watkins. I have been coding in Gamemaker for about 4 years. I've done many projects myself and for friends but I wish to start spreading outward onto bigger projects. I have yet to find a genre I'm unable to code in and am willing to take any job offered. Most of my...
  16. trustpixels

    Job Offer - Programmer programmer needed for platformer

    Hello, I'm looking for a programer to help me on two things : - combo attacks - ledge climbing You can see preview of the project on Thanks, Lionel
  17. AlexDerFerri

    Portfolio - General [Programmer][Pixel-Art][Vector Art][Musician] For Hire!

    Hi Everyone! My name is Alex, I am a 2D programmer, artist and musician. I've been developing games (GML) for many years. If you want me to make games from scratch, I'll be glad to start a project with you! For further information, please send me a PM or contact me via email at...
  18. EvanSki

    Portfolio - Programming {closed} Experienced GML Programmer for hire

    Hi my name is Evan. I'm an advanced user of GML having up to 6+ years experience with the language. Feel free to ask me any questions or help on your code. I charge a simple fee for what you want done rather then a per hour rate I charge based on difficulty of the task, EX: save system = 20$...
  19. ApselTheBlue

    Portfolio - General Programmer and Concept Artist for 2D Platformers: Looking for work

    Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. Apsel of Buster Studios at your service! I specialize in 2D and 3D Platformer design, and 2D Platformer programming specifically. Expect friendly service and lots of feedback if you so desire. Though I can't mention my work here as it has been all fan game...
  20. VagrantWhaleGames

    Portfolio - Audio General Programmer // Producer // Audio Engineer

    Hey friends! Are you an indie dev with no budget? Need some help making your dream game? I've been using GMS for a few years now and I'd like to help you with your game. I can make most retro style concepts and basic game play mechanics. I can do simple AI, asset or API implementation and help...