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  1. mikix

    Team Request [REV-SHARE]MAIVEOS needs programmer and music

    I'm just curious if there are anyone interested in making this happen. The End Goal for MAIVEOS Runner World is a game about reaching the top of the highscore table. You can play dungeons solo or with other players. Dungeons in this game During the five runs, you get gold from running and...
  2. M

    GMS 2 Problems with 1.4 to 2.0, How does this work?

    Problems with GMS 1.4 to GMS 2.0, How can I do this in GMS 2? It worked in GMS 1.4 And this is how far I got. Sorry for my English, I am Dutch :) Greetz, Mark
  3. S

    Team Request E.L.F. (closed)

    Currently, we're not looking for anyone. You can read more about it here:
  4. A

    Team Request SHMUP Space shooter, looking to build a team.

    I am working on a side-scrolling shmup space shooter, I need pixel-artists, programmers, and composers. I don't care how good you are, whether you are a novice or a veteran. I myself have recently started using GMS, My focus is primarily programming (I am new to GML, but I am learning quickly)...
  5. B

    Team Request Cathedr'l, a dungeons and dragons/chess crossover

    Hello all, My name is PJ, im 19 and currently going to college for programming. All i know so far about GML is self taught over the last month and a half but i pick up very quickly. I am currently looking for any programmers who would like to help out with this project or maybe needs help with...
  6. J

    Job Offer - Programmer Make me a revive system

    I need a revive system that I can use for my games, (I'm Paying) Ok, so I need a revive system for mobile games. I need it to dim the screen & show an overlay with 2 options, 1st button: Use a revive (if they have any), 2nd button: Revive after they watch an advertisement. Send me a DM if...
  7. D

    Team Request Looking for Programmer to form a Super-Team

    Hello all, I'm an experienced artist making a platform/runner called Tech-Suit Sushi Delivery! This will be a collaboration, profit share kinda thing. Maybe I could trade my art for someones programming skills, who knows. PM me
  8. A

    Job Offer - General (PAID) Developer needed

    Hi there, I'm looking for a developer for my project. This post is for a FREELANCE work-for-hire contract. THC is a 2D puzzler to be developed for Facebook games (HTML5), and iOS (universal app for Ipad and Iphone). Minimum requirements: Developer needs to have previous experience with...
  9. G

    Job Offer - Programmer Looking for a Programer to Help with a Trump Game already on Google Playstore

    Hi everyone I made a Trump Game its in the Google Play Store Right now. I Have a few things that I need to get done to really finish this up and make it a complete game. I have been having trouble getting the ads interrelated. using admob for banner ad and adcolonly for video ads after game...
  10. S

    Team Request BOOM 3D

    BOOM 3D is a game attempting to follow the same style as DOOM 3D. It will officially be 2D even though it will be rendered to appear 3D. I plan for it to either be a stealth-action FPS or a purely action based FPS. I am currently looking for an artist(nothing that hard just pixel art) and an...
  11. S

    Team Request looking for artists for top down ARPG and others willing to help

    The game will be a top down ARPG with heavy story elements. Fantasy themed. A prototype is finished and the design document is finished. So far there is two people working on this project. Me, who will be the writer and designer, and one programmer. The Story. The player character wakes up and...
  12. J

    Team Request Seeking Experienced Programmer (And/Or Composer)

    Over the past few years, I've been working entirely on my own to bring a project of mine to life; I've created the pixel art, I've written the story, I've designed the world, I'm fully prepared to manage putting my game on Steam, and I've even started composing the soundtrack in my free time...
  13. S

    Team Request Project_Cytrex Artist/Assistant Programmer/Audio

    I am currently working on a RPG set a dystopian city. The city will be dark and gloomy think a dark alley in Watch_Dogs or any of the Batman: Arkham games. Completely run by an oppressive military. You are Citizen 375 one of the first thousand to be admitted into this experimental city...
  14. M

    Team Request Top Down RPG (large project) (paid)

    Hello everyone. I'm starting a project to create a top down open world RPG. I understand what a large project this is and I've taken some precautions that make the project more manageable. I have a fairly good idea of how the game will be but input from the team will be considered. This will be...