programmer for hire

  1. KPJ

    Portfolio - Programming Experienced Programmer Available for Hire!

    About Me Hey! I'm Krishna Jawale. I am a game programmer who has developed and programmed many games over the past 5+ years. I am experienced in using GameMaker 1.4, GameMaker Studio 2, and GML. I also have a thorough background in other programming languages (Python and Javascript). I...
  2. A Random Creator

    Portfolio - Programming [Closed] Experienced GML Programmer for Hire

    About me: Hello! My name is Isaiah, I'm 18 and I've been coding with Game Maker since ~2016 and consider myself experienced at doing so. I pride myself in completing all of my work as swiftly and professionally as possible. Requirements: Loose time restrictions: As I said before I always try...
  3. Greenwitch

    Portfolio - Programming [$14/h] Experienced Programmer Available for Work!

    Hi! I'm Greenwitch, I'm an experienced programmer/software engineer with 8+ years of experience in various fields of programming/computer-science. Specialties Real-time, Online Multiplayer - The server is written in NodeJS which then gets deployed into a server of your choice. I also offer...
  4. kraifpatrik

    Portfolio - Programming Patrik Kraif - Experienced programmer [3D]

    Hello, my name is Patrik Kraif and I am a professional programmer and a GM hobbyist! I started with GameMaker 6 and my oldest preserved project dates back to 2006, so I do have quite a few years of experience with GM in my pockets. Throughout that time I've mostly been focused on making 3D...