1. E

    Steam A.I enemy with gun

    (Im bad with the english sorry)Hi, me again, im programming a enemy with gun and i wanna the enemy go away from the character, i succeded but the enemy only go to the right. and i change some values of hspeed and vspeed and only go to the right this is the code, this I.A code is based on another...
  2. P


    Hey guys, hello everybody. I have such a problem in GMS 2, see I have a lot if arrays in my game object, and i want to create objects with variable definitions, and one of the variable i need to set as one of my game object arrays like position=obj_game.posGK[]. Will it work and what will it do...
  3. O

    Aggressive enemy AI?

    Hello! New-ish coder here, looking for some help creating/fiding some mild-super aggressive enemy AI. Im looking to have my enemy follow my player through obstacles (pits, jumps, ect) Any help is appreciated.
  4. DNgames

    I dont know how to do this can someone help?

    -So im making survival game and i need to make building system i want it to look like this. -When player enter build mode i want to create those white boxes around him and those boxes are pressed i want to create object that is stored in inventory. -I made this by creating it this way : box...
  5. Fleoh

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Follow an object with his ID.

    Hello guys ! I'm trying to make an object follow an other object thanks to the ids. In fact, the first instance needs to follow the player, the second instance need to follow the first instance, the third the second [...] So i've tried this code : In create event of the object which needs to...
  6. M

    GMS 2 Need Some help with a unique melee attack

    Im trying to make an attack where a spear move forward then backwards, aiming towards the mouse. the spear is a separate object to the player, it is meant to move towards the mouse then once it has move a set distance return back to the player similar to shaun spaulding's pokey poke melee...
  7. W

    Steam remote play

    Hi all, I’m in the process of applying the steam sdk to my game and I noticed that we are advised to use version 1.42. Recently steam announced with their latest sdk that remote play is now possible. My game features split screen and I was always disappointed that I couldn’t figure out how to...
  8. William Garrison

    GMS 2 Undefined variable that IS defined

    Error: Undefined variable 'door1' referenced in room rHouse_01 in instance inst_67C21C7D's variable 'dev_what' CREATE dev_who = 0; dev_what = 0; LEFT PRESSED with (dev_who) { dev_what = true; } VARIABLE DEFINITIONS (defined in the room are) dev_who = 0; (resource: set to oBoss) dev_what...
  9. P

    Passing 2 argument with one DS

    Hello Everybody! Im new to Gamemaker 2 so and programming at all so i dont know if there was a way to pass 2 arguments in function with ONE data structure(of any type). I mean imagine for example that you have to create an object with fixed X and Y coordinates that are always same, but is there...
  10. R

    GML Help with trails

    So i am making a game with a tron like car and would like the trails to fade the longer they are from the car. I want to make a almost identical replica from this image if possible and would like some help with the alpha commands. Is there an easy way to do this?
  11. M

    GMS 2 Help with a HnS Platformer (GM: Studio 2)

    I need help for a script: i'm starting with a test for a future HnS Platformer game (first I make a test, then I will make a game about). My character is supposed to attack both when is on the floor, and when in jumping. The problem: when I start the game, the code doesn't work correctly Here is...
  12. William Garrison

    GMS 2 Variable Definition not reading

    Okay, so I have this in the creation code... s_default = sTestBlock; sprite_index = s_default; and this in the variable definitions... and in the room this is what I set it to... Yet it doesn't seem to read the variable definition in the room. I change the variable to a different sprite...
  13. P

    Bumping balls

    Hi, everyone. And I really need your help because my script doing physics of ball colisions is pour and I guess I need a new one. So please if you have a script or ideas of making it to Find angle of balls(circles) moving and their speed after hitting each other , please, help and share it with...
  14. A

    Having issues with collision in platformer

    Hello, I am having issues with this platformer I am working on. Code is below but basically. I am having troubles with the player character getting stuck on the side of the platform or I get the issues as shown in the attached GIF image. I have been troubleshooting it for 3 days and havent made...
  15. Kaijyuu

    GML [SOLVED] Timer inside bigger timer wont go down? HELP!

    hello, good day everyone. Im having trouble making an object (hot vapor spilling out of an old pite (hurts the player)) to trigger at different times using the same object, I tried coding it like this set a total_time make it reach 0 when that happens my program choses 3 cases (0,1,2) depending...
  16. William Garrison

    GMS 2 Set Blendmode for layers?

    Hey friends. Okay so here is what I am after. I know how to set the blendmode of a specific object using the below code. But I want to, and am trying to, apply the same "Add" blendmode to a specific Tiled Layer or the sprite asset itself. Whichever works. Here is what I tried with zero positive...
  17. S

    GML How to program Credits into the game

    I have looked over the internet and I have a general idea on how to code in GML but I just can't work out how to implement credits in to my game. I would appreciate anything like a link to a tutorial or some instructions. please and thanks you.
  18. Edwin

    Skipping tags in a string.

    Hello, nice people. I'm trying to create a script that will skip the tags like "[color=...]", "[/c]", "[alpha=...]" and stuff and then return a script_copy(). /// string_copy_tag(str,index,count) // Declare variables var str, index, count, p, cst, cct, ast, act, et, l, cstl, cctl, astl...
  19. M

    [Solved] Snap to Top Left / Center

    I'm following along with a tutorial and all the code, math, numbers, etc have been exaclty the same. Double checked. But for some reason my sprites and objects i have are snapping to the top left hand corner instead of the center Another good example of this problem is my units dont follow the...
  20. M

    Legacy GM Problem with Attack Animation

    I'm making an action platform game (I have a lot of project), and want to make my character attacking with a melee weapon. But my character doesn't attack. Instead of attacking, he plays the walk animation (because the stand sprite is the first image of the walk sprite). Here is the classis...