1. B

    Windows Fps and gamespeed higher than room speed

    Hello, I have my room speed set to 60, yet the game runs at my monitors refresh rate which is 165.. the game runs at 40fps on other people systems with no real reason as there isn't much going on. I checked the alternate synchronisation method in the global game settings and since then the...
  2. D

    idle_to_run run _to_idle Animation transition

    Hello everyone, I have 2 transition animations I prepared it to be more procedural when switching from idle to running state, but I'm not sure how to use it, I'll be glad if you help. Please Help me Example on Katana Zero attached:
  3. Armored Dragon

    Thrown object to stop in the air?

    Right now i'm trying to create an enemy that throws a stone orb at player's direction and then walk to the orb on the ground to recover it. The problem is that i can't find a way for this orb to lose speed and eventually stops. This is the code that the enemy uses to throw the orb...
  4. A

    GMS 2 SOLVED Alarm resetting before taking effect.

    I’m somewhat familiar with alarms, but this issue has stumped me. For every alarm I use, I always make sure that it only resets if it has run it’s code, using if (alarm[x] < 1) alarm[x]= y but for some reason, this specific alarm resets once it hits 0 without running the code. here’s the...
  5. I

    I want to create a Turn Based RPG game in Gamemaker 2

    Hello! I'm kind of new on this programming stuff. I started with GameMaker Studio 1, I did learn a lot of stuff but I got stuck because of my lack of knowledge in GML, so I gave up there. Some time later, I got kinda hyped up with GameMaker Studio 2 and this time, I had learnt much more than...
  6. Gorshalox

    Climb on ladders

    I'm making 2d platformer in GMS Language,how i can make the climb on ladders
  7. P

    SOLVED How to create list of Objects Without their Instances???

    So, I want to create level editor for my game, and I have stuck again. Now I don't know how can I collect all my objects that I can edit in one ds_list without creating their Instances. Maybe there is a way I can loop through all of the objects and check for their parent, so the manager objects...
  8. F

    Mac OSX Printing Out Wrong Array

    Hey guys I'm new to Game Maker Studio and new to the language. I'm making a game and have been working on the dialogue system. This chunk of code was designed for characters respond to a set of choices, the dialogue starts by printing out the first element of the line_array, which it does, then...
  9. Lens

    SOLVED Problems identifying specific object and thus changing its variables.

    Good morning/afternoon/evening! :potato: I have many instances in a game called oBomber. Also I have an object called oTank, which has a range (collision rectangle). Once oBomber gets inside the oTank's collision rectangle, it should lose HP (to make it simpler, as for testing, now it just...
  10. P

    GMS 2 Auto Tile Path Maker

    I will be short cause I am almost sure this code should already exist but I can't just find it using google. So I need logic to make Computer count the shortest path from 1 tile to other including the diagonal movement and tile-based collisions.
  11. E

    Steam A.I enemy with gun

    (Im bad with the english sorry)Hi, me again, im programming a enemy with gun and i wanna the enemy go away from the character, i succeded but the enemy only go to the right. and i change some values of hspeed and vspeed and only go to the right this is the code, this I.A code is based on another...
  12. P


    Hey guys, hello everybody. I have such a problem in GMS 2, see I have a lot if arrays in my game object, and i want to create objects with variable definitions, and one of the variable i need to set as one of my game object arrays like position=obj_game.posGK[]. Will it work and what will it do...
  13. O

    Aggressive enemy AI?

    Hello! New-ish coder here, looking for some help creating/fiding some mild-super aggressive enemy AI. Im looking to have my enemy follow my player through obstacles (pits, jumps, ect) Any help is appreciated.
  14. DNgames

    I dont know how to do this can someone help?

    -So im making survival game and i need to make building system i want it to look like this. -When player enter build mode i want to create those white boxes around him and those boxes are pressed i want to create object that is stored in inventory. -I made this by creating it this way : box...
  15. Fleoh

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Follow an object with his ID.

    Hello guys ! I'm trying to make an object follow an other object thanks to the ids. In fact, the first instance needs to follow the player, the second instance need to follow the first instance, the third the second [...] So i've tried this code : In create event of the object which needs to...
  16. M

    GMS 2 Need Some help with a unique melee attack

    Im trying to make an attack where a spear move forward then backwards, aiming towards the mouse. the spear is a separate object to the player, it is meant to move towards the mouse then once it has move a set distance return back to the player similar to shaun spaulding's pokey poke melee...
  17. W

    Steam remote play

    Hi all, I’m in the process of applying the steam sdk to my game and I noticed that we are advised to use version 1.42. Recently steam announced with their latest sdk that remote play is now possible. My game features split screen and I was always disappointed that I couldn’t figure out how to...
  18. William Garrison

    GMS 2 Undefined variable that IS defined

    Error: Undefined variable 'door1' referenced in room rHouse_01 in instance inst_67C21C7D's variable 'dev_what' CREATE dev_who = 0; dev_what = 0; LEFT PRESSED with (dev_who) { dev_what = true; } VARIABLE DEFINITIONS (defined in the room are) dev_who = 0; (resource: set to oBoss) dev_what...
  19. P

    Passing 2 argument with one DS

    Hello Everybody! Im new to Gamemaker 2 so and programming at all so i dont know if there was a way to pass 2 arguments in function with ONE data structure(of any type). I mean imagine for example that you have to create an object with fixed X and Y coordinates that are always same, but is there...
  20. R

    GML Help with trails

    So i am making a game with a tron like car and would like the trails to fade the longer they are from the car. I want to make a almost identical replica from this image if possible and would like some help with the alpha commands. Is there an easy way to do this?