1. T

    GMS 2 Help, im trying to add sound to my dialog!

    ive been following this video and ive reached a road block...i want it to play a sound as it goes down the line. similar to Undertale or Other RPGs! I just made all of my characters voices i just dont know how to implement it. ive been trying for a while. if someone can help me find a easy...
  2. R

    Item picking up

    I've been going through the tiny town tutorial for this game and, after I did some coding with the sequences I can no longer pick up Items and I cant find what i changed but heres the step event code for items //If picking up an item if (myState == playerState.pickingUp) { if (image_index...
  3. GONE

    SOLVED colliding teleport glitch

    I just finished making my enemies walk and I realized that every time they collided with a wall they teleport ahead. vsp = vsp + grv; // horizontal collision if (place_meeting(x+hsp,y,Owall)) { while (!place_meeting(x+sign(hsp),y,Owall)) { x = x + sign(hsp); } hsp = -hsp; } x = x +...
  4. J

    How to create game modes

    Hello, I am creating a game in game maker studio 1.4, what I want to do are two game modes, I explain a story game mode and another by punctuation. I want two options to appear when I click on change game mode and when I click it closes and then when I press play it takes me to the one I have...
  5. M

    When Collision create instance

    As you can see in the code, when ufo touches an object it should create a protection object and remove it after 60 frames, but for some reason it doesn't.
  6. S

    New instances negating code of previous instances

    Hey there, In my project, I have instances that are being created and moving from left to right every few seconds. The player's objective is to capture these objects before they exit the screen, but after a new instance is created, the previous instances no longer move towards the player when...
  7. Armored Dragon

    Incorrect color using make_color_hsv

    Right now, i'm trying to build a game with only a four color palette. Im trying to draw my health bar with this specific color: col01 = make_color_hsv(7,85,81) draw_healthbar(162,79,338,109,25*oPlayer.pHealth,col01,col01,col01,0,false,false) This is how color looks like in Aseprite: This is...
  8. Q

    How To Add Timed Attack (Friday Night Funkin Gameplay)

    Trying to set up a game like Friday Night Funkin where the main gameplay is the arrow keys to the music. How do I set up in the game maker studio where you earn a certain amount of points when you time the correct arrow? Also how to have it decrease points if missed. I would appreciate the...
  9. Hobbie Retardo

    GML How i make the character throw itself in the direction of the mouse cursor?

    I'm a beginner and the objective is make the character do a "DASH" in the direction of the mouse cursor and just stop when hit a wall for example, but i don't figured out how to make this, anyone could help me? Thanks in advance.
  10. T

    How would I go about making a level unlock and save system? (GM8.1 standard)

    Hey guys, So recently I started a project in which I have a mode in which you beat a boss, and then you unlock the next, and when you click the save button, it saves the progress that you've made and when you come back you can tackle the bosses you have unlocked. Defeating a boss sends you back...
  11. H

    GMS 2.3+ Camera and mouse tracking stops working after switching rooms

    So after finally making a successful dungeon generator, I tested it out on my game, only to find that whenever, my player enters a room, the camera object simply stops working, as well as the weapons, they just stop pointing at the cursor. At the first part of the clip you can see how everything...
  12. H

    SOLVED Tiles won't set properly

    TLDR: Made a dungeon generator that generates a random sequence of rooms, each room has an assigned randomly generated grid, this grid is only filled in when the room is active/selected. But the tiles just won't set, instead the whole rooms just turns white. if(room==room_index){ var...
  13. H

    Flamethrower collision detection?

    so I'm making a flamethrower and so far this is what it looks like with particles I was wondering if there was a way to detect any collisions in a triangle range? something like this, preferably with code I thought of drawing a rectangle, but making the two points on the left the same, but...
  14. B

    Windows Fps and gamespeed higher than room speed

    Hello, I have my room speed set to 60, yet the game runs at my monitors refresh rate which is 165.. the game runs at 40fps on other people systems with no real reason as there isn't much going on. I checked the alternate synchronisation method in the global game settings and since then the...
  15. D

    idle_to_run run _to_idle Animation transition

    Hello everyone, I have 2 transition animations I prepared it to be more procedural when switching from idle to running state, but I'm not sure how to use it, I'll be glad if you help. Please Help me Example on Katana Zero attached:
  16. Armored Dragon

    Thrown object to stop in the air?

    Right now i'm trying to create an enemy that throws a stone orb at player's direction and then walk to the orb on the ground to recover it. The problem is that i can't find a way for this orb to lose speed and eventually stops. This is the code that the enemy uses to throw the orb...
  17. A

    GMS 2 SOLVED Alarm resetting before taking effect.

    I’m somewhat familiar with alarms, but this issue has stumped me. For every alarm I use, I always make sure that it only resets if it has run it’s code, using if (alarm[x] < 1) alarm[x]= y but for some reason, this specific alarm resets once it hits 0 without running the code. here’s the...
  18. I

    I want to create a Turn Based RPG game in Gamemaker 2

    Hello! I'm kind of new on this programming stuff. I started with GameMaker Studio 1, I did learn a lot of stuff but I got stuck because of my lack of knowledge in GML, so I gave up there. Some time later, I got kinda hyped up with GameMaker Studio 2 and this time, I had learnt much more than...
  19. Gorshalox

    Climb on ladders

    I'm making 2d platformer in GMS Language,how i can make the climb on ladders
  20. P

    SOLVED How to create list of Objects Without their Instances???

    So, I want to create level editor for my game, and I have stuck again. Now I don't know how can I collect all my objects that I can edit in one ds_list without creating their Instances. Maybe there is a way I can loop through all of the objects and check for their parent, so the manager objects...