1. jameswillis

    Vertical Sliding Menu Not Working

    so im trying to create a vertical sliding menu, and i followed a tutorial on youtube for it, however my project is working the way the guys does in the video. I've triple checked to make sure the code is correct. I had a programmer friend who said based on the error that GMS gave me that the...
  2. R

    SOLVED Collisions not working

    I have a player object and an invisible wall object, both of which are set to solid, but for some reason the player can just walk through the walls. It can also walk on top of them, and if it is in a wall it can't jump. The code is below, any help would be appreciated. (code from a step...
  3. R

    SOLVED Timer not working?

    I've tried to create a countdown timer for my game, but for some reason it doesn't seem to be working/displaying on screen. Could someone tell me what I've done wrong and how I could fix it please?
  4. R

    SOLVED Assigning an object to a variable?

    In my game I have created an object for my player's lives, and I also have a global variable called ''. Is there anyway that I could get the obj_lives to link to the variable so that the hearts show up instead of just a number? I have included pictures of my code below...
  5. Evan Kinsler

    GMS 2.3+ NEED HELP on the `visible` variable for my GUI event.

    So I am trying to take advantage of the visible built-in variable and I need help with my approach. The Draw GUI event is tied to the object in the GIF. When I set the Draw GUI event to what is seen in [ 1 ], the text box just stays there. When set to what is seen in [ 2 ] & [ 3 ], the text...
  6. IgnacioG

    SOLVED Problems with collisions at the edge (2D platformer)

    Hi everyone, I need help with a somehow specific problem. I'm working in a 2D pixel platformer and obviously one of the first things that I implemented was collisions with platforms. To be honest collisions aren't my forte so when I found this problem I ignore it at first but is been a couple...
  7. I

    Probleme With the switch expression and array.(noob)

    Hello everyone! I am new to programming and I do not understand why my code is not working. I thought it is possible to assign multiple variables via an array. Here is my code. Have a lovely day everybody! // Step event //Controle Jeux. keyRestart = keyboard_check(ord("R")); keyQuit =...
  8. Tyg

    Shaders Neon Dreamz (path shader)

    UPDATED v1.12 Hello this is really cool A shader that uses paths, i don't know i just thought it would work and voila (the poor paths always get ignored) well this is another use for them why is this cool, Umm first its Neon and its made to work with gamemaker paths, so you can draw and edit...
  9. S

    GMS 2 Building to mac, getting old version

    Hi all, I'm making a game in the windows IDE. I'm trying to build it to mac using a mac computer in my house, but whenever I produce a .exe and transfer it over to the mac, It ends up being the wrong version of the game. It's missing many of the features of the current version, doesn't work with...
  10. S

    GMS 2 Reading from outside buffer

    Hey all, I've run into a weird networking bug. I've got two projects, a client and a server. When I run both on my local computer, or both on an Azure VM, they work fine. However, if I try to run the client on my local machine and the server on a VM, I get the following error as soon as I...
  11. K

    change background

    hello, how are you, I would like to make a query, and I want to know how I can make a background change when changing level, osea I have a level during the day and when changing the level it is done at night but the background is done in a single sprite as an animation, I would like to know how...
  12. K

    interaction with houses and others

    hello, one question, how do I make my character enter a house by pressing a button, every time I try my character appears in a different position, please help
  13. S

    Shooting from moving points

    Hello, I've got my main ship programmed and everything is working fine, but I'm having the issue where my bullets are originating and I'm not quite sure how I would make it originate from the front of the guns. Origin point in center. In ship's step event i programmed: image_angle =...
  14. N

    GMS 2 [SOLVED]Controls for 8 direction

    Please help me make the 8 direction control, I have arrow control, but I would like to make the control on W, S, A, D Here is the code: Create: spd = 3.0; image_speed = .4; Step: //move hInput = keyboard_check(vk_right) - keyboard_check(vk_left); vInput = keyboard_check(vk_down) -...
  15. Bulldrome

    Local Multiplayer Help

    Hello I'm nearly finished with this little space ship arena game I've been working on and I just need to implement local multiplayer and I'll be just about done. I currently have 4 ships each with 4 colors set up on a character select screen of sorts but I need help setting up the controls for...
  16. L

    GMS 2 Turret rotation not centered(even with correct origin)

    Hello everyone! I am making a pixelated space game(my first game, if we are not including games following tutorials :D), and on top of the ship there is a turret mounted to it. I have set the turret to rotate towards the mouse using point_direction(mouse_x,mouse_y), and to follow the ship using...
  17. Bulldrome

    Help with Character Select

    I'm currently working on a game that requires a character select screen. I've got the screen set up but don't know how to get the selection of the character to correspond with actually spawning in the character selected. I have a switch statement set up to select each ship (character) and a...
  18. L

    GML Fighting game round problem code

    Im pretty new to game maker but currently i have made myself a fighter game. Everything works including health bars and attacks What im struggling on in making code for a round based system. Im not sure how to implement such a code. when the game starts it will be state = round1, when...
  19. Jmarlin3

    Issue with while loops

    The purpose of the next few lines is add a number to y to make my object move if(keyboard_check_pressed(vk_down)){ y += movespeed; } The code above works just fine, but when I change it to a while loop: while(keyboard_check_pressed(vk_down)){ y += movespeed; } The goal of the while...