1. Daniel Mallett

    Pixel art games

    Can anyone shed any light on why 99% of game maker games are pixel art games? There are plenty of posts out there in the wild suggesting that 'of course game maker is a propper language', 'of course you can make 3D games', 'of course, you can make professional games' and of course you can. My...
  2. sv3nxd

    Portfolio - Art Affordable, Experienced, w/Price list - Pixel Artist

    Hey! My name is Sven - I offer affordable pixel art game assets that will help growing game projects to elevate onto the next level. I've done a lot of personal work and contract work so far. Contract work began with twitch assets for streamers, but I have also done a bunch for game jams and my...
  3. FrostyCat

    Roundtable: Support crisis for professional users

    I have been on the GMC for 15 years, and I have not seen as much discontentment and "I'm thinking about quitting GM for good" posts among professional GM users as the past several months. It could be the next major crisis facing GM since the 1.1.666 vandalism scandal, and I can no longer stand...
  4. S

    Legacy GM GM:S 1.4 comes with Professional?

    Hi. I am new to the community. I downloaded Game Maker: Studio 1.4 from the official website. When i installed it, i noticed i was with the "Professional Edition"! Is that normal?
  5. T

    Windows Having trouble figuring out how to get a projectile to fire upwards and then fall back down.

    I never really wanted to be part of this forum... I always feel awkward doing this, but I have been trying to solve this problem for some time. I'm working on my first game and I'm trying to get a thing like the fireballs that come out of the lava pits in Mario. Where a projectile launches...
  6. T

    Windows [Solved] - An unexpected error has occurred?

    A month ago, I was building on to my game. Everything was going fine until I tested my game. When I tested my game, I got this error: "An unexpected error has occurred when starting the game." I'll try to upload my game when I can so it can get dissected. BTW: I use Game Maker Pro 8
  7. Gamerev147

    Design Point me in the Right Direction

    Ok so as many of you know, I've been developing a top down shooter, Warcraze. Which is almost done btw. Anyway, after I finish and release the game I'm kind of clueless as to what I want to make next. It's not necessarily an idea issue, but more of a design issue. Would anyone like to give me a...
  8. sercan

    Android export module

    What if i download the free version of game maker studio and buy only android export module? Does that work guys? Or do I have to buy game maker studio professional as well? Thanks.
  9. J

    Changing my engine from Standard to Pro

    I own a Professional Key, and it is registered to my account. For a while I have been using the free version GameMaker, how do I now change my engine to the professional edition? I have signed into GameMaker in my account, I have the professional key as my main key, and no matter what I do I...
  10. W

    Legacy GM GM Splash Screen with Professional Edition v1.4.1757?

    Recently obtained a licence of GameMaker Professional from the Humble Bundle and it works fantastic. My only problem is trying to do away with the splash screen that should only be shown with the standard edition, right? At the top of the window it does read "Professional Edition (v1.4.1757)"...
  11. B

    Legacy GM need help with alarm time

    i want play attack animation every 2 seconds. And my attacking sprite animation have 4 frames. what is best alarm set i should use.
  12. F

    Portfolio - Audio Professional Game Music Composer

    Hi there! I am a game music composer who has been working on my own soundtracks as well as those of clients for about 4 years now, and I am confident in my skills as a musician. Originally I started making my own games and I still have a passion for design and programming. Because of this I have...