1. honeybone82

    Portfolio - Programming Programmer,Animator,Musician,Experienced looking for project

    HI! My name is Howard Robinson IV. I have made an entire game from top to bottom, formed a company, then put it up for sale on steam. It wasn't very successful, mind you, but I became well acquitted with the entire experience. X Archetype Steam Page BONEYARD GAMES LLC I would be happy to...
  2. VagrantWhaleGames

    Portfolio - Audio General Programmer // Producer // Audio Engineer

    Hey friends! Are you an indie dev with no budget? Need some help making your dream game? I've been using GMS for a few years now and I'd like to help you with your game. I can make most retro style concepts and basic game play mechanics. I can do simple AI, asset or API implementation and help...
  3. T

    Portfolio - Audio Need music for your production? Song Composition By Top Hat Ty!

    Hello my name is Tyler and I produce music for games, short films, and just for my self as well. If you have a production underway and need some creative music or sound design feel free to contact me for some free music. you can email me at or look me up on Face book under...
  4. A

    Who would I present a game design document too

    I'm going to write one but I want to know who has the logistical knowledge to guess how much it would take to create the game. Is it producers? It's going to be a 3d story game emphasizing animation and voice acting. The animation focusing on being completely flowing and having expressive...
  5. LucasSchachtMusic

    Portfolio - Audio Music Producer / Sound Designer looking for work

    Hey friends, my name is Lucas and I'm an experienced music producer and sound designer from Germany. Hereby I offer you my work. You can request custom music or sounds. Sadly I don't have anything to show except my own electronic music yet. You can find my own music on...
  6. B

    Portfolio - Audio Bobby Novak - Composer/Producer

    Hello! My name is Bobby Novak, and I am a composer/producer. I have been heavily involved in music production for the past 4 years and I am more than happy to share my potential here with you guys. My work is more affiliated with orchestral and atmospheric music, but I can extend to other...