procedural map generation

  1. R

    making way for isolated rooms

    Hi guys, i need help for improving the code I recently made with a help from a dev in a tutorial on your website (post link: in -gms-3- automaton cell / ) I would like to improve my code, I'll put an image for a better explanation...
  2. 3

    SOLVED Voronoi Diagrams gets drawn in wrong colors.

    I followed this youtube tutorial to create Voronoi Diagrams using surfaces in game maker 2. so far it works but my colors are not really random but they are all a dark redish. I could not figure out where this happens, though. oMapGeneration /// Create Event randomize(); // Create surface...
  3. RefresherTowel

    GMS 2.3+ Beginners Proc Gen in GMS #3: Generating Sweet Caves with Cellular Automata

    GM Version: 2.3+ Target Platform: All Download: Exported GMS File Links: Read the full tutorial here Other Entries: Procedural Generation in GMS #1: An Introduction Procedural Generation in GMS #2: Learning the Basics Procedural Generation in GMS #4: Connecting the Dots with Bresenham’s...
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    How to create a procedural Europa Universalis like map

    I want to create a map which consists out of several randomly created tiles which look like the maps from CK2 or EU4 What I found is this post and this video explaining that the devs are using colors to distinguish the different tiles. So now I want to know how should I proceed. Should I use...