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procedural generation

  1. Jacob Thrasher

    Spawn prebuilt rooms in procedural generation

    So I want to start working on a procedurally generated dungeon crawler. Essentially I want the following to happen: -Create a bunch of rooms by hand -Randomly place those rooms throughout the level -Connect with pathways and other things The problem is with the second step (or really the first...
  2. C

    Drag And Drop Auto Tile In-Game

    I am currently using DnD to see how GML works, so I would greatly appreciate if any answers given use that format and pictures would be incredibly helpful, as I am a very visually-oriented learner. I have created a tile set with an auto tile library. What I am hoping to do is program an object...
  3. F

    Loop freezing when repeating too much

    So I have a loop counting down a number of rooms I want to place in a procedually generated dungeon, I have it set to where there is an attempt per room if there are 2 failed attempts a time is incremented which after reaching a certain value, ticks down the main number of rooms placed value...
  4. F

    Procedual GenerationBullet Collision

    So I have a procedual generated level and am trying to get collisions working for the bullets. My trouble is that I am using a ds grid and am unable to find a way to get it into the scope of the bullet object as it wont let me access it there and gives me an error saying the object is undefined...
  5. Omnivorish

    GML Creating Procedurally Generated Persistant Rooms in a Side-Scroller

    First question, is this possible? If yes, does it require .ini? If no, Is there another way to go about it. I've attempted creating a template room with a procedural generation script, and it works fine. I've used both room_add then room_assign, and just plain room_duplicate. The downside to...
  6. Drago Supremo

    GMS 2 Array bug (overridden values)

    Hi guys, basically i'm trying to make a random generated map containing some rooms linked to each other. One fragment of code is this: //Builds the base till the max height is reached for (k = 0; k < roomHeight; k++) { //Stores the...
  7. Nocturne

    Asset - Scripts Labyrinth Maker

    MARKETPLACE: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/8153/labyrinth-maker ITCH.IO: https://nocturne-assets.itch.io/labyrinth-maker This asset is designed to generate 100% solvable labyrinths of any size, quickly and easily. The asset comprises of a number of scripts plus some demo objects to...
  8. RefresherTowel

    Floramancer - Stardew Valley meets Heroes of Might and Magic

    Floramancer A farming sim where the fruits of your labour can go to war! Take a dash of Stardew Valley and a pinch of Heroes of Might and Magic, add a few gallons of secret sauce, mix it well in your Cauldron and taste. Oooh, It tastes like Floramancer, a turn-based strategy\farming sim...
  9. G

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Calculate curve and apply to noise grid.

    Hi guys. :) I'm currently working on map generation. I have a simplex noise grid that I use for randomizing planet temperature, I'd like to apply a curve to this grid to simulate poles and equator of my planet. I've tried using dcos() but it results in far to big ice caps and wide equator...
  10. TheGameDevGuy

    Portfolio - Programming Programmer Looking for work :D 12 Years Experience

    Hey everyone, Ive been around out and about on the forums, but i would like to propose an agreement of my services, I am indeed looking for paid work. Here is some of my works: - Noise generated biome maps with height, humidity, temperature and an augmentation layer of randomness...
  11. Lazzeking

    Game Mechanics Your thoughts on procedural generation.

    So, recently i've been working on a procedural generation system for my current project but i've started to question the "enjoyability" of the game as it is, like as it is right now the system generates an x number of events for the current let's call it "stage" and some events are fixed (like a...
  12. D

    Procedural Generation for infinite vertical scroller

    Hi all, I want to implement a procedural generation system for a vertical jump game I am making (a bit like doodle-jump) but I am unsure how to go about creating a procedural generation system similar to games like doodle-jump. From what I've seen from my searching many people are interested in...
  13. Dengar

    Legacy GM [ World Seed ] simple random_set_seed for infinite procedural generation

    GM Version: gamemaker studio 1.4 Target Platform: should work on all platforms Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/s5iaicgcke2xpcg/world_seed.gmz/file Summary: This tutorial is my method for using random_set_seed to setup room-based infinite proceduraly generated worlds using 1 object, 1...
  14. TheWinterBeast

    GMS 2 -

  15. S

    Legacy GM Procedurally Generated Room Names?

    I'm working on a procedurally generated game, and I want to be able to create new rooms when the player leaves the bounds of the current room. I already have the rooms set up in a 'grid' system, that is, the name of each room contains its X/Y coordinates (i.e. room "X11_Y27"). I have it so that...
  16. S

    GMS 2 Creating tiles in a room based on a ds_grid

    Afternoon all, My end goal... is to have an xls that holds all possible room designs, formatted in grids. Each cell in a grid contains a number which corresponds to the tile that needs to be placed. I would then "stitch" the rooms together to create one large map. My current problem... is...
  17. T

    GMS 2 Render Distance Help

    Hello. I currently have a 2d Randomly generating game like terraria. Currently is spawns in thousands of blocks in to the world. The larger the world the more objects there are that spawn in for example dirt. loads of dirt is causing lots of frame rate problems so i was wondering for example if...
  18. Drazex

    Design Ambitious Strategy Game

    Hi, I'm a fairly new programming hobbyist. I've already designed one simple game with GameMaker, and now am aiming for something more ambitious. My goal is to create a strategy game framework that I can build on and make more complex over time, for something that basically bridges the gap...
  19. matiascarpello

    Legacy GM connect several rooms

    Hi. I am creating a game that will have procedural generation using the method of prefabricated rooms that are then connected to each other. However, every tutorial I look at about having multiple rooms, they just focus on how to switch from one full room and going to a whole new room. Never...
  20. T

    GMS 2 Terrain for an Top-down Infinite Scroller

    I was wondering how to achieve an effect like this: for a game. How would you recommend doing this? Perlin noise? And how would you make it infinite?