1. J

    Windows [SOLVED] New to 3D, working with perspectives

    I have been working with GameMaker Studio for four years now and I have been doing 2D projects with it for quite a while. However, 3D is a whole new world, at least with GameMaker, and its rather unique 3D structure. I've been trying to do something simple: a camera rotating around an...
  2. W

    Counter problem

    Hi guys ! I've got a problem, I use Game maker v1.2.1130 (r27319) and I've created a little game like asteroids (A ship is controlled by the player and his goal is to destroy every asteroids with bullets). I added a counter for the bullets, at first it's value is 100 and it decreases by 1...
  3. M

    Drag And Drop DnD attach instance to another for the whole game? GMS2

    I'm trying to make turrets on a spaceship, and for the life of me I can't figure out how to attach the turret instance to the ship in the Drag and Drop interface. The turrets would need to follow the movement and rotation (and their own offsets) of the ship sprite. Any help would be appreciated! :)
  4. Pogmog

    Android os_lock_orientation Flipping Problem

    There is a problem that when using the function os_lock_orientation(true) on a device that is in landscape the game will be flipped 180 degrees. This has been reported in the following threads:
  5. O

    Legacy GM Slot Rotating inventory?

    Hello! I'm a bit new to game maker but I've made some decent progress as I've worked on my game, but I hit a bit a brick wall. I was looking inventory systems and found a tutorial from Shaun Spalding which showed the basics on how to make a working inventory system. What I'm trying to achieve...
  6. Y

    enemy AI shooting problem

    Hi im a new to programming and im trying to make a pirate game. But im having problem with the enemy ship AI. I wanna make it so that when the ship gets near the player it will smoothly rotate to one of it sides to shoot. Im have been trying some stuff but i can only make it so that it works...
  7. Phsyrik

    Legacy GM Random Spawn in set random areas

    I am making a spaceship game as a "get my feet wet" kind of game with the program. It can be comparable to Asteroid Rage from Mario Party 6. I am stuck as I do not know how to make the asteroids spawn (randomly placed) in 2-4 of the 5 lanes, and also make a coin have a chance to spawn in one...
  8. Aaron Craig

    Windows Cannot hear any sounds

    Greetings, I cannot get GMS2 to play any audio in any project. I've created sounds, chosen appropriate files, and attempted to preview them to no avail. They appear to play, but I hear nothing. I've created new projects, imported an GMS 1.4 project with working audio, and added sounds in...
  9. Y

    GML Shooting problem

    Hi, I'm a need game developer and I'm trying to make a pirate game. But I'm having a problem with the enemy AI. I'm trying to make so that if player is in range and is at y position of the the enemy AI. It will shoot. But when I try to do it, I can only make it at its exact position. Here is...
  10. Y

    GML Trouble with sprite/object

    Hi, I'm having a problem. I have a have an transparent object that when I try to create it with instance_create. It isn't transparent. This has been bugging me for a while.
  11. E

    Legacy GM view_xview problem

    In every room of my game view_xview and view_yview is set up to 0. But when im doing this "draw_text(x, y, string(view_xview)" it shows me 10. Why is that. And of course if i will draw something at view_xview (as x) and view_yview (as y) it will be drawn 10 pixel from corner. I dont...
  12. C

    GameMaker 2 how can i make a Dynamic Camera?

    GameMaker 2 how can i make a Dynamic Camera?
  13. T

    Legacy GM Need help with syncing animations

    I'm having a problem in my game. There are 2 players, each with an idle, moving, attacking, etc. animation. My problem is that when one player stops running, and both players are in the "idle" animation, they aren't in sync. This looks very bad, but I haven't been able to find a way to fix it...
  14. T

     Unable to test run any projects

    Just installed version of GMS2 (was using version previously), and I am unable to test run my projects at all. Attempting to test projects on Windows and HTML5 only pops up one message in the compiler window saying that it's saving the project, like this: 'Saving project to...
  15. J

    Windows Won't Execute my Game[SOLVED]

    Hello I have an issue that just popped up. . Was working in Game Maker Studio 2 all day on my project, closed it down this evening and when I opened it up there was an update. So I installed the latest version and relaunched into my project. However now when I click on the run button to...
  16. S

    Question - IDE GameMaker Studio 2 crashing constantly upon install

    Hi. I recently installed GameMaker Studio 2, and for whatever reason, it keeps crashing. If I try to log in, it crashes. If I try to cancel the login, it crashes. If I try to click on "show password", it crashes. No matter what I do, it crashes. It's a strange crash too - the application just...
  17. O

    Legacy GM The software is in gibberish

    How do I correct it for English? Thanks to the helpers, it's urgent!
  18. Furkan Karabudak

    Android [OK] Game breaks down when you convert to Android?

    (sorry for my bad English) My game is working good at Windows. But I am making an Android game. When I export game for Android , game is breaking . I tryed game on different Android devices but game is running corrupted . All sprites , backgrounds , objects confused ! I have a video of game but...
  19. S

    GML Particle facing changes mid-motion?

    Hello! I've set up a particle system for bullet trails. Every time I click the mouse, a bullet is created which moves towards the mouse. Particles shaped like white lines are created at the bullet object per step, creating a nice trail effect. The problem is that I have set the particle...
  20. U

    Help with conditions

    I have a problem with the next: i have six objects in screen 3 normal shapes and 3 shadow shape of the first 3, each with its pair. when 1 normal shape collide with the shadow shape, the shadow shape disappears and appears another one of the normal shape, when the 3 normal shapes collide with...