1. R

    SOLVED collision problem

    Hello, I am having the most frustrating time trying to understand what I am doing wrong in my code, because the collision works sometimes and sometimes it does not. for example, sometimes I get stuck in the ground right at game start. And i have noticed this only happens when I apply a...
  2. F

    Question - IDE Not able to install gms 2 mobile

    So I own desktop version of Gamemaker Studio 2, but since it was on sale I bought GameMaker Studio 2 Mobile. When I opened my Gamemaker it started to install and at the end I got this message Do you have any ideas of how to fix it?
  3. H

    GMS 2 Problem With Array list of weapons

    Hi, i have a problem with my weapons arrays. When i want to shot, my weapon ammo change from 5 to 4 and back to 5, then i can't shot anymore, when i change my weapon to a Bow, reload (auto reload) cant be completed and start over an over. When i reload, my ammo is subtraction from EQ but Weapon...
  4. OneIsNeverLate

    GMS 2 Physics boxes unwanted corner collision

    Hello GMC, I have a physics question, but first, a screenshot: My game is simple in nature, a platformer using the physics engine: my character can move and jump. When my character is touching the wall and jumping, everything works fine. But when I jump and in this case hold left to move left...
  5. leewmv

    Windows I can't run my game on gamemaker 2 :(

    I use a 30-day trial version, but I still have 26 days to finish, but I also can't run my games ... I've tried to reinstall the program, updated the windows drivers, disabled my antivirus, but nothing has helped ' - ' when I press "Run" it appears: "cmd" /c subst Z...
  6. G

    Windows Gamemaker 2 wont open please help :(

    Hello all, i know that other guys had this problem but i did everything other posts said... the program just wont open, i runned as adimistrator and still nothing, it just show a bit the mouse icon that it load and nothing. Yes i checked windows firewall by putting in here the .exe and allowing...
  7. T

    Problem with a Color Shader

    Hey everyone, I am developing a game with only two colors that change from level to level. I'm using a shader to do so which works fine even though it is pretty simple. However, on certain computers, the shader does not work and I have no idea why. I was wondering if you could help me with it...
  8. M

    GMS 2 i need help (new user)

    Hi, I started using gamemaker just this night and I started watching the tutorial on making space rocks in DnD on the YoYo channel. I got to the third part called "Attacking & Collisions" and I had to make my ship fire bullets. here's the problem the bullets fire from one side only, and it's the...
  9. Kori

    Steam problem in sprites's collision mask (tech problem in the engine)

    I really need help. I have a problem with the collision mask in automatic mode, it is simply 1x1 pixel, regardless of the shape, I tried to reset preferences, reinstall gamemaker, uninstall clean, and nothing ... I will put a picture of how this. I don't remember doing anything wrong, I just did...
  10. B

    GMS 2 I need help for my boss Battle.

    Hello I was watching a tutorial at youtube and this tutorial is stopt and I need this becaus i make a projekt for my school and I must be in 6 days finishd pleas help i put the link of the videos hier Pleas healp my. part 1 : part 2 : I will be happy and realy thankful if on person can...
  11. C

    Windows When using my tablet it scrolls wildly upwards.

    Ive updated my drivers and now whenever i am using image editor, whenever i press my pen on my tablet, the image will wildly scroll upwards, 1000 pixels a second. I reinstalled the tablet driver, but the problem still persist. Anyone who could guide me to the cause and a solution?
  12. N

    GMS 2 Problem with enemy spawning (Tower Defense)

    Hi! few days ago i started learning making games with game maker studio 2 and now i have problem, after a 20 waves (with spawn_rate -=2.5; ) the enemies spawning too thickly. (image) (with another spawn_rate also they spawning too thickly but in another wave, for exaple in 50/60 wave) after 24...
  13. xSynooo93

    GMS 2 Spawn/Wave System Problem

    Hey Everyone! im an absolutly beginner and i have a little Problem :) i have programmed a little Tower Defense Game for getting started when u kill the Enemys the next Wave are in 5 seconds and the Enemys are getting Stronger and Faster ----------------------------------------------------...
  14. Michael Franklin

    GMS 2 Character is off set in game

    This is my second game i've tried to make and they have both had this problem. I gave up on the first one because it wasnt important to me. This one though I am going all the way through. When I made the collisions everything worked. It looked like this: /// @description Physics //Keys key_left...
  15. Michael Franklin

    Windows Gravity and Key problems

    I watched the tutorial on making a platform game by Shaun Spalding. I have no compile errors and I have watched the video twice now. I have a logic error. Everything runs but when I try and play the game the character zooms off the screen in a straight line. Clearly my gravity, and keys are not...
  16. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2 It's a feature not a bug?

    I'm convinced this is a bug. case const_level_type_jungle: { lay_id = layer_get_id("lyr_front_tile"); tile_id = layer_tilemap_get_id(lay_id); tilemap_tileset(tile_id, tl_jungle_front); lay_id = layer_get_id("lyr_back_tile"); tile_id =...
  17. Wafi Hussain

    How to make a character move up and down?

    Hello! I am using the code from a skeleton hack n slash game on YouTube as a source and I am trying to figure out how to make the character go up. Here is the code given: switch(state) { case "move": #region Move State if input.up { move_and_collide(run_speed, 0)...
  18. William Garrison

    GMS 2 Drawing Tons in the Background?

    Okay so something peculiar is occurring. I have eliminated script by script but its still happening. So it looks as if the sprite animation is drawing over and over and over and over in the background behind the background in addition to the main object itselfs sprite? Thats all i can guess...
  19. Rozen Software

    UWP (Solved) Could not connect to Device Portal (UWP exporting)

    Working on versions: IDE:, Runtime: Since the current version I could not export to UWP target anymore. In the log I have the following informations: I suppose my Device Portal is set up correctly. I can login to it via browser and it was working previously on version...
  20. Arthur521

    Android / Amazon Fire Flashing screen issue on Android!

    Hi! Now I need help with this flashing border here, there is a way to solve it? My game have a lot of rooms, but only two of them have this problem and it only happens on some specific gadgets.