1. C

    Windows When using my tablet it scrolls wildly upwards.

    Ive updated my drivers and now whenever i am using image editor, whenever i press my pen on my tablet, the image will wildly scroll upwards, 1000 pixels a second. I reinstalled the tablet driver, but the problem still persist. Anyone who could guide me to the cause and a solution?
  2. N

    GMS 2 Problem with enemy spawning (Tower Defense)

    Hi! few days ago i started learning making games with game maker studio 2 and now i have problem, after a 20 waves (with spawn_rate -=2.5; ) the enemies spawning too thickly. (image) (with another spawn_rate also they spawning too thickly but in another wave, for exaple in 50/60 wave) after 24...
  3. xSynooo93

    GMS 2 Spawn/Wave System Problem

    Hey Everyone! im an absolutly beginner and i have a little Problem :) i have programmed a little Tower Defense Game for getting started when u kill the Enemys the next Wave are in 5 seconds and the Enemys are getting Stronger and Faster ----------------------------------------------------...
  4. Michael Franklin

    GMS 2 Character is off set in game

    This is my second game i've tried to make and they have both had this problem. I gave up on the first one because it wasnt important to me. This one though I am going all the way through. When I made the collisions everything worked. It looked like this: /// @description Physics //Keys key_left...
  5. Michael Franklin

    Windows Gravity and Key problems

    I watched the tutorial on making a platform game by Shaun Spalding. I have no compile errors and I have watched the video twice now. I have a logic error. Everything runs but when I try and play the game the character zooms off the screen in a straight line. Clearly my gravity, and keys are not...
  6. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2 It's a feature not a bug?

    I'm convinced this is a bug. case const_level_type_jungle: { lay_id = layer_get_id("lyr_front_tile"); tile_id = layer_tilemap_get_id(lay_id); tilemap_tileset(tile_id, tl_jungle_front); lay_id = layer_get_id("lyr_back_tile"); tile_id =...
  7. Wafi Hussain

    How to make a character move up and down?

    Hello! I am using the code from a skeleton hack n slash game on YouTube as a source and I am trying to figure out how to make the character go up. Here is the code given: switch(state) { case "move": #region Move State if input.up { move_and_collide(run_speed, 0)...
  8. William Garrison

    GMS 2 Drawing Tons in the Background?

    Okay so something peculiar is occurring. I have eliminated script by script but its still happening. So it looks as if the sprite animation is drawing over and over and over and over in the background behind the background in addition to the main object itselfs sprite? Thats all i can guess...
  9. Rozen Software

    UWP (Solved) Could not connect to Device Portal (UWP exporting)

    Working on versions: IDE:, Runtime: Since the current version I could not export to UWP target anymore. In the log I have the following informations: I suppose my Device Portal is set up correctly. I can login to it via browser and it was working previously on version...
  10. Arthur521

    Android / Amazon Fire Flashing screen issue on Android!

    Hi! Now I need help with this flashing border here, there is a way to solve it? My game have a lot of rooms, but only two of them have this problem and it only happens on some specific gadgets.
  11. Rozen Software

    UWP Trial license on Windows Store problem

    Hello, I do have problem with uwp_license_trial_version() function. I have published my game to Windows Store and set trial license for seven days. When I downloaded the game I saw that trial code is not executed. Function seems to returns always false (should return true as the game is on trial...
  12. Remix The Idiot

    Question - IDE Adding new resource in resource manager causes errors

    I'm getting a strange problem whenever I add a new resource in my game maker projects. It wasn't a big issue before, but now with over hundreds of rooms, objects, sprites, etc., it's becoming more and more annoying. Basically whenever I add a new resource like a sprite or an object, it's like...
  13. H

    Searching for Criticism On Noob Game

    Hello! Everything about my noob game, including written out code, is in the google doc link. Its a few pages of stuff, so I figured I'd put it somewhere other than this tiny thread box... Any advice is appreciated. Thanks...
  14. David Lorenz

    Discussion Some objects stay persistent even when they shouldn't?

    Hello, everyone! This is wierd. Weeks ago I've noticed that some objects that used to be persistent kept on operating like they still were. I checked, double-checked and triple-checked what I may be doing wrong, but with no results. At some point I tried duplicating the said objects, deleting...
  15. qbot21

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Spawning four instances at once

    Hello!!! I came across a problem that when I fire a gun, four instances of a bullet are created at once (each on top of other). I really don't have idea what causing this problem :/ I have a parent o_player obj, which have three childs. Each child inherits whole step event from the parent. At...
  16. Ruthberry207

    Need help with walking animation

    So I'm working on a top-down farming RPG similar to Stardew Valley and I just finished working on the sprite walking animations. There are three walking animations, one walking vertically towards the bottom of the screen, one walking vertically away towards the top of the screen, and another for...
  17. jonahrobot

    Legacy GM Audio is swapped... please help

    One audio file is playing instead of another... Backstory: For the last year I have been working on a game using the new Audio Engine and have racked up a lot of sound files. Today I added 3 new sound files and then everything went wrong. I ran the game and some sounds were swapped. The main...
  18. Edwin

    Legacy GM [Resolved] GMS1.x problem with code editor.

    Hey guys I have a problem. So you know when you choose a parentheses or curly braces it would show you their first and last character. I accidentally pressed something and now there is nothing showing. How to fix it? I didn't find the option in settings and pressing F1-12 didn't helped me.
  19. A

    Taking just one instance from an object

    Hello guys! I have like 30 same object in 1 room and I want to do when I click that object image_index change but when I click all of the 30 instances changing. I want this code for just that instance. How can I do it? Sorry for bad English...
  20. G

    Game maker studio no longer recognizing defined variables in room? Help?

    So I opened up my project today, which was fine earlier. and all of the sudden my enemies started behaving awkwardly. I did some digging, and found that the game is now completely ignoring the variables I set for instances in the room with the "variable definition" tab on the instances. It still...