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    Help me please! Game Maker

    I'm still working on my game. But ANOTHER PROBLEM arose. What happens is that I have two GLOBAL VARIABLESl. Score and another global. HiScore. The latter supposedly has to show the highest score obtained, and above all, when the score is lower, it must stop adding until it exceeds it. That's...
  2. L

    Score are reset to zero

    i am making game "Space Rocks" for tutorial on youtube on GML. And i have some problems with Score and Lives. I added Text Lives and Score, write a code, but when i destroy asteroid, score for few seconds 10 but then equals 0, like with Lives. What problem, i dont know, their the tutorial
  3. A

    Windows Sound emitters stopping

    Hey guys, here's the deal. I am making an open world game with cars. They make sounds via an emitter. The sound loops and changes in pitch based on how fast the car is going. If a player drives the car, then the priority is 100, otherwise, it is 20. The only sounds that are in the game are...
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    Help needed with projectile movement! [Solved]

    I am a beginner and a dumb one. Now I use the same post as before but I change the title etc. I have managed to make shooting work now. But the problem I have is that when going left, the projectiles go to left only when the button is pressed. So what am I doing wrong here? CODE: //Shooting...
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    Android Icon problem

    Hello, I got problem with icon, it´s easy to describe. No screenshot needed (don´t want to place "ad" here). I have all icons placed in GM. But after I install it on phone it get smaller. So it looks like.. Shrinked icon of my app, but with white circle around it (it´s 50% rectangle and 50%...