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  1. SgtMoose

    Discussion Where to find GameMaker: Studio Professional keys?

    Hey everyone, I am working on a game project using GameMaker: Studio Professional Edition (v.1.4.9999) and because Studio 1 is no longer available on the YoYo Games website (at least from what I could find; correct me if I'm wrong), I am the only one who can currently work it. I would very...
  2. S

    Mac OSX Game Maker Studio 8 DMG File?

    I was hoping that I would be able to get access to the Game Maker Studio 8 dmg file for Mac OSX. Thanks, Shean
  3. M

    Recording your gameplay in-game, Age of Empires-like...

    So yeah, i get that this might just be a bit too far-fetched, but is it possible to code your project to kind of re-play a game you've played? That is, akin to several strategy games like AoE series, Rise of Nations, etc. where you can go to 'Recorded games' file and replay the game from...
  4. Kealor

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Issues with creating a pause screen

    So im making a pause interface wherein upon pausing the game is moved to a different room within which lies the interfaces, inventory menu etc. and i got a few questions: 1. The current method of designing wherein a room switch occurs (previous room made permanent then non-permanent after...
  5. R

    Game Maker 7 Pro

    Hi. I'm a very longtime Game Maker user, but first time forum poster here. I am trying to experiment with video implementations. In Game Maker Studio I used GIFs to compensate for actual video, but the filesize increases tremendously. So I'd try and use Game Maker 8 Pro to implement video files...