1. SIG.

    Mac OSX MacOS: GameMaker wants to monitor input from my keyboard even while using other apps. Why?

    I just installed GMS2,, for MacOS (Catalina), and got a message saying that GMS2 wants permission to "monitor input from your keyboard even while using other apps." I think that's weird? Why does it need to do this? I use MacOS solely to export and publish an iOS game, so perhaps...
  2. civic71

    HTML5 Project html5 , yoyogame and privacy cookie

    Hi i created a program with Gamemakerstudio 1.4 + HTML5 module, then inserted into my site. I noticed that within the JavaScript file generated by GMS 1.4 You are present these links :
  3. HW.

    Android --[Challenging Question] How to Detect countries without any privacy issues or dangerous permissions

    So everyone might already know about GDPR or specific EU laws for EU end-users or EU citizens or 31 EU countries. To provide a "consent dialog" or such a "cookies notice" like on this forum or other website, i need some IF/Case code checking on GMS2 or maybe on the Android java codes??, whether...
  4. RizbIT

    privacy policy updates

    i been getting lots of emails from different companies about privacy policy updates. due to some law changes etc... around 25th May. As a developer of apps and publishers is there anythign we also have to do to accomadate these upcoming changes? Like if you collect personal info in your app...
  5. andev

    Mac OSX Disable YoYo analytics tracking?

    It seems that in both test builds and final compiles, the final app tries to call home. Is there any way to disable that?
  6. silengames

    Asset - Extension Easy Local Push Notifications without GET_ACCOUNTS permission

    Android extension only. If you use local push notifications and want to remove GET_ACCOUNTS permission from your app this extension for you. Suspicious GET_ACCOUNTS permission cause a bad user's experience. Also from March 15 you have to add Privacy Policy url to Google Play store page and...
  7. M

    Privacy policies and hosting for Android

    Does anyone have a particular preferred service that they like to use for creating privacy policies? Google is telling me that I need to post a privacy policy or my app will be pulled. I'm using Heyzap and any data pulled is going through them. I'm not personally collecting anything. Also...