1. MercyGRID

    Help: Stacking different size objects on top of each other with priority inside the stack

    Hello all! First post, but I've been toying around for a bit and getting used to the ropes of GML. I'm still pretty new, but I learn quick! I'm trying to accomplish stacking multiple objects on top of one another in the game window, while at the same time giving priority to some objects to be...
  2. Z

    (SOLVED) Order of priority in instance code (Basic question)

    This might seems like a stupidly basic question, but I need to make sure. If you have multiple instances of the same object in a room, and that object "spawns" more of these instances on a grid, it's obvious you don't want to allow a situation where spawned instances are spawned on top of each...
  3. Blaize

    GMS 2 [Solved]Display a ds_priority in the UI

    Hey guys, I'm creating a turn-based combat system that displays which character is next to have their turn somewhere on the screen (as of now, it's in the top left). For this, I'm using a Priority Queue to sort the characters by their Speed stat, and then taking those values and placing them...
  4. Fixer90

    GMS 2 Audio priority distance differences? (SOLVED)

    Let's say I play all my sound effects at priority 3, my music at priority 2, and my ambient sounds at priority 1. Would there be a difference if I increased the differences, such as playing them at 100, 50, and 1? I've asked a similar question in the past, but this is more specific, and the old...
  5. Fixer90

    Legacy GM Perfect Priority?

    Oddly, I couldn't seem to find a thread about this, but what's a good standard priority for the audio_play_sound function? Also, when should I vary them? Should I not change the priority if I already change the volume of each type of audio? Do sound effects generally have a higher or lower...
  6. D

    GML "With" priority?

    Hello. I have a question regarding the with construction. When you create an object with the with construction, does the code within the with construction or the objects create event code occur first? An example would be if there was an object named objThing. This is the create event code of...
  7. A

    GML Collision Priority?

    Hi, Wondering... What determines which object out of two gets runtime priority to parse their Collison Events with one another? Like, both have collision events with each other. Does it have to do with room creation order? Thanks hi
  8. xDGameStudios

    GMS 2 [QUESTION] From ds_priority to ds_list (fast)

    Hi everyone, can someone recommend me on the fastest way to convert a ds_priority to a ds_list?! PROBLEM: I need to iterate through a bunch of objects depending on their priority. What is the best fastest way to do it?! NOTES: ds_list are fastest to iterate through so I wanted to end up...
  9. Heavybrush

    events priority

    does someone know what is the priority between events?? 1 - creation code ... x - begin step event ... x - step event ... x - end step event ... ? I have in particular some problem understanding the priority between step events and draw events but for sure a guide with all the priorities can...