1. B

    Steam Mario Maker meets Meat Boy - 2D platformer tool looking for alpha players

    Hello all fellow GMs! During August and September we're looking for players who like to help test DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes and content creators who like to stream new and original content. DASH is slowly coming out of the alpha stage and we're looking forward to Early Access later this...
  2. The Reverend

    Would someone please run a short test on Ubuntu for me? [solved]

    I need some help with something that might be a bug or not. Hi. I got this small test project ... ... to test something that might be a bug on Ubuntu. However my Ubuntu Test computer is an 11 years old Laptop and I wonder if the...
  3. Kaliam

     GMS2 64bit Future Thinking: Higher precision math

    This is something I have been pondering as of late as it has been a constant difficulty I have been having with the scale of my current project. Specifically I am creating a large Open world real time strategy which is based in space and as such requires lots of room space. This brings me to my...
  4. C

    Legacy GM Drawn Circle Collision Mask

    Hello, Simple question, though it's never come about until now. Can objects without assigned sprites have collision masks? I'm using draw_circle() and draw_set_circle_precision() and would like to: Determine the polygons in draw_circle(). Know if draw_set_circle_precision even affects drawn...
  5. A

    GML High Float Precision Challenge (Buffers and Floats)

    I've been stuck on this problem for weeks now. Read a lot of material but didn't help. Finally I decided to ask for your expertise. May be solved by someone more knowledgeable easily. Here is the issue: I have a GLSL ES shader that sends some high precision floats to a surface. For the sake of...
  6. T

    Precision mask not working. Rectangle Does.

    So I decided to finally not be lazy and work on slopes. I realized a problem when for a slope, i needed to use precise collision checking, so its not just a big rectangle, and on colliding, my character seems to not notice the mask at all. I then made it more basic for debugging, using my...