1. Acid Reflvx

    SOLVED [Fixed] How do I find the precise number for when I set my track's position in GameMaker 1.4?

    I am making a game with a level editor, sort of like Geometry Dash. I've been trying to add a Geometry Dash feature to the game; being able to play music at certain points instead of having to play music and wait until it gets to the part you want to test. Here is my problem: I don't know what...
  2. X

    Legacy GM Precision Collision

    I'm having a problem with precise collisions in my 2D platformer. Mainly, I have some sloped objects that I want the player to be able to walk up and down, but when I select the "precise" box, the player stops recognizing that the object exists at all. I know I had slopes working correctly at...
  3. G

    Legacy GM Slope collision, what's your method?

    I want my character to be able to walk up and down slopes (platformer perspective). Do people generally use precise collision checking with a few different slope sprites or is there a better way? Thanks!
  4. T

    Precision mask not working. Rectangle Does.

    So I decided to finally not be lazy and work on slopes. I realized a problem when for a slope, i needed to use precise collision checking, so its not just a big rectangle, and on colliding, my character seems to not notice the mask at all. I then made it more basic for debugging, using my...
  5. Desix

    Asset - Scripts 2D Shape Intersection Shape Intersection allows you to know exactly where a line intersects with the edges of circles and rotated rectangles. line_solid_intersection(x1, y1, x2, y2, exclude) An array of all points is returned and the ids of the...