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precise collision

  1. W

    SOLVED precise collision problem

    So in my game, when a player hits a wall with a weapon, it makes a spark when and where the player hits wall. In the following code, everything works as intended EXCEPT that the spark is never made at the right y coordinate (i in the for loop). The sprite stops at the good time (ie it doesn't...
  2. G

    GMS 2.3+ [SOLVED][BUG] Precise per frame collision masks not working

    In the GMS 2.3 Beta, I'm using a sprite with precise pre frame collision masks enabled: In the draw event of the object I assigned this sprite to, I'm checking (using position_meeting) whether I'm colliding with the object at the mouse coordinates: And although the mouse is not visible on the...
  3. zendraw

    GML Precise collision threshold

    can you change that thru code?
  4. zendraw

    GMS 2 precise collision transperancy threshold

    if you rise the threshold on the transperancy, in precise collision checking, does that ease the burden on collision checking?
  5. muddrox

    Precise Collision checking with tiles

    I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to do precise collision checking with tiles. "tilemap_get_at_pixel(tilemap_element_id, x, y)" only returns whether or not a tile exists in the current cell of the room's grid. I need a function that can do precise collision checks on tiles that have...
  6. X

    Legacy GM Precision Collision

    I'm having a problem with precise collisions in my 2D platformer. Mainly, I have some sloped objects that I want the player to be able to walk up and down, but when I select the "precise" box, the player stops recognizing that the object exists at all. I know I had slopes working correctly at...
  7. T

    How do I get the exact position of a collision in GMS 1.4?

    The questions been boggling me for quite some time and I'd like to know how do I get the exact position at which a collision happens from one object to another. For example: (a 2D game) ObjectA meets with ObjectB and blood appears. Much like you shoot something in real life and the blood or dust...
  8. Joe Ellis

    2D Destructible Terrain Starter Kit

    I've been making a destructible terrain engine and am planning on releasing on the marketplace soon for around $5. Features: Per pixel destructible world Per pixel precise collision Random\procedural terrain generation with multiple options for smoothness, altitude, grass length, slope...
  9. J

    GMS 2 Porting issue to GM2 (maybe collison)

    Hi all, I just uppgraded to GM2 and most of the porting seems to have gone fine. However, I have one issue that I am not sure why it is not working. to prevent the player to walk through enemies all the enemies have an parent object called obj_solid. obj_solid is a completely empty object. in...
  10. RyanC

    Legacy GM Faster Precise Collisions

    Hi All, I want to implement precise collisions for my spider looking robots because the collsions are really bad with a normal shape. Would it be possible to set the collision shape as a rectangle and then only check precise collision when the rectangle collision has be triggered?
  11. Skull_k

    GMS 2 Collision with one object precise and one not-precise

    Hi, I use IDE V2.1.0.212 and run time In GMS2 manual, we can find the following sentence with the picture for place_meeting : "This will work for precise collisions, but only if both the instance and the object being checked for have precise collision masks selected otherwise only...
  12. B

    Legacy GM Pixel-perfect collision for platformer problem

    Hi, I'm having an issue with precise collision in my platform game when my player collides with a spike when falling from a jump. I have made it so the character is destroyed upon collision however the character currently collides way too early before actual contact (around here...