possible bug

  1. T

    GMS 2.3+ Nine Slices don't work with negative scaling?

    I have a question regarding Nine Slices and scaling. It seems that Nine Slice sprites with negative scales don't work properly in-game, but do in the room editor. Are Nine Slices supposed to not work with negative scaling or is this a bug? If it's a bug, I'll file a report; if not, the room...
  2. J

    Question - Code Changing the speed of an object also changes the x coordinate

    In a game that I am making I made a flamethrower that spews out little flame objects, but while testing the game I found out that some were getting spawned slightly to the right of where they should be spawning. After I looked through my code I was confused by the fact that nothing should be...
  3. Zechevalier

    Legacy GM Simple Question about screen_save_part()

    screen_save_part() doesn't seem to work the way it's supposed to, and i just want to know if anyone else has had the same experience. Code from documentation: screen_save_part(fname,x,y,w,h); But my problem is with the (w,h) part, it seems to act more like (x2, y2) so my original code looked...
  4. T

    Question - D&D Issue with collisions and room persistence

    I'm teaching a class and I've got an issue with a student's project. We're using room persistence because he's making an RPG, however re-entering rooms breaks all collision checks. I'm too new to this forum to post a link to the project and I need an answer quick. I may just be misunderstanding...