1. LWDIV

    GMS 2 Dynamic Menu Positioning (approach)

    Hello @ll, i just started to collect information about creating a menu what fits to a resizable window. I defined an "ideal_height" = 1388 pixels and i am using a "display_manager"-script to calculate my aspect-ratio to match the screen size. On my Samsung s10 e i am getting a full size of...
  2. L

    [Ignore This]

    Basically the player position resets when I re-enter a room. Camera position has been fixed. Read replies to know what the code is. I'm using Shaun Spalding's gamemaker tutorial, and have just finished episode 7 of it.
  3. darijs1

    Legacy GM Lengthdir_x and y problem.

    ive tried a lot of things here, but i couldnt figure it out. im trying to have a wx and wy follow my car at a certain position with the old lengthdir method, but it only seems to get more and more out of place, the more i keep trying. currently im using: step event in car: wx = x +...
  4. Z

    GMS 2 Enemy Direction

    I would like to make the enemy always face me. How can I do this?