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  1. Xskode

    Portfolio - Programming Xskode's Portfolio

    Hello everybody, my name is Xskode. I am a game designer / programmer. I have used/studied GML for about 10 years. and I am willing to help someone out with they're project. send an offer in a message (with a little info on what you're looking for) and I'll let you know if i'm interested...
  2. R

    Portfolio - Programming Experienced Programmer (7 years of GML) and Game Designer for hire

    Hi everyone, my name is Constantin, but in the gaming world I’m probably more known (or less unknown) as Rebusmind. I’ve started working with Game Maker (7) in 2009 and since then created several mobile games, PC games, and now even console/handheld games. Background A few sentences about...
  3. GlitchCrew

    Portfolio - Programming Experienced programmer for hire

    Hello! My name is Gleb and I have 4 years of GMS experience. I specialize in games for PC but I have good experience with Adroid games (2 released titles). Right now I need some cash and I'm available for any GMS project. The price for my services is very affordable, If you want to work with me...
  4. Binsk

    Portfolio - Programming [OPEN] [15+ Years] Freelance Programmer for Hire

    Hello, there! Introduction: My name is Reuben. I have been working with GameMaker in a hobbyist fashion since 2004 and am extremely fluent in GML. I also have a lot of experience in related languages, such as C++ / Java, which has allowed me to create numerous extensions for various platforms...
  5. Shackhal

    Portfolio - Art 2D Pixel Artist At Your Service

    [Right now not available] I'm Diego del Solar, a.k.a. Shackhal (sha-kal) and live in Peru. I currently work as a self-employed 2D pixel artist, and I'm looking for paid freelance/commission work. I give an fair estimate price based on the content you need. Currently Paypal only. If you are...
  6. B

    Portfolio - Art Pixel Artist/Animator available for work

    Hi I'm Ben, I have been doing pixel art for a while now and am currently looking for work. I am more comfortable working with retro style art as you can see but I can do other styles if needed. Rates: Depends on which style, pixels / resolution and amount of frames. Contact: Please contact...
  7. frozenwisp

    Portfolio - General Programmer & Artist/Animator [Portfolio]

    Hey look at my website for more about me: https://frozenwispstudios.wixsite.com/mysite """Paid Jobs Only""". Contact information: Email: frozenwispstudios@gmail.com Discord: frozenwisp#2410
  8. P

    Portfolio - Programming Looking for projects, profit share or by the job

    I got the whole summer to myself, and I really want to find a fun job to do, and I want to upgrade my PC. Here is my portfolio This is a game I made for a client of mine, called Poop.io https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.companyname.poop.io It took dozens of hours to make...