1. CrunchCaptain

    Portfolio - Art Looking For Work Or Collaboration

    Hello GM Forums! I have been working in GameMaker trying to make my own games for years now. I have only taught myself code and followed along with YouTube and Udemy videos/courses, but my passion is the look and feel of the game! I have a completely open schedule due to circumstances, so if...
  2. Tcrakman

    Portfolio - Art 2D artist looking for paid work.-CLOSED-

    -CLOSED FOR NOW, SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCES!- Hello there! My name is Julian Carrillo. I´ve been working on games for more than 5 years and have experience in pixel art as well as 2D animation. I´ve also worked with GameMaker for quite some time by now so i have experience with how the engine...
  3. Hello1423

    Portfolio - Programming Programmer For Hire

    Hello! I am Alec Olson, and I have been programming with Game Maker since around 2014. Since then, I have worked on countless projects where I have gained experience with making systems as small yet effective as screenshake, to as large and often complicated as online multiplayer. I can work...
  4. Rtw123321

    Portfolio - Programming Motivated programmer looking to expand his portfolio

    Hello! My name is Ryan Watkins and my goal is to expand my portfolio. Currently, I have 2-3 years of experience with Gamemaker and would like to expand my knowledge. My current portfolio is under my Instagram @Infinite_hp I am extremely motivated and will work through any given task as soon as...
  5. CreativeJon90

    Portfolio - Art Novice Pixel artist looking for projects

    Hello everyone, I am a Novice pixel artist looking to add to my portfolio. I am, at the moment only interested in small projects since i have my own projects that i work on throughout the week. Here is some examples of my recent work. https://imgur.com/xKUBLgC , https://imgur.com/KaEIxS8 ...
  6. L

    Portfolio - Art Lulus Art [Paid Work] - Character-Design/Concept-Art/Illustrations

    Hello, dear gm-community! :p My name is Lulu and I'm a hobby-artist from germany. I enjoy making art for serveral years now already and want to use as much of my free time as possible with my passion. I thought here on this platform I can be of help by making coverart, ad-Illustrations...
  7. ChieDemoniac

    Portfolio - Art Looking for work | 2D Artist | Illustrator

    Hello! My name is Chie (in real life I am Julieta, but prefer the name Chie) and I am an Uruguay based artist who is lookibg for projects to be a part of. I am looking for paid positions/rev share. Prefer paid positions nonetheless. I have been playing around with GMS for sometime, so I know the...
  8. V

    Portfolio - Art 2D Artist

    Hi! My name is Vikki! I'm a 2d artist. I draw in different styles all that is necessary to create games: illustrations, characters, icons, animation, promo-art, concept art, objects, etc. I have already created all the graphic materials for several games, and I am always ready to cooperate ;)...
  9. B

    Portfolio - Art Character/Environment Artist for hire!

    Email: BloodthirstyBovine@gmail.com Portfolio: https://meaghanhicksart.carbonmade.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/MeaghanEHicks Tumblr: http://bloodthirstybovineart.tumblr.com/ Hey! I'm Meaghan Hicks [BloodthirstyBovine online], and I'm a 2D game artist with several years in the games...
  10. BigDC

    Portfolio - Art I am ready for art projects, YES I will do them for FREE!

    Hey all I am available to do art projects for games. I will do them for FREE just for the experience. I have very simple requests/stipulations.,. 1. I am not looking or wanting to be a full team member. 2. You allow me to display my finished pieces in my ArtStation.com protfolio 2. No pixel...
  11. D

    Portfolio - Art [PIXELARTIST UP FOR HIRE] Scary Monsters,Mechas and Weapons.

    Portfolio E-mail: brimstonehunter@gmail.com 20-15€/h Rates negotiable.
  12. V

    Portfolio - Audio Music Composer - Available

    Hi,I'm able to compose music for your games, I have a few songs that maybe can give you a good idea of my work. This is the link with the songs: https://soundcloud.com/luis-carlos-l-pez-garc-a-820888125/sets/indiegame I would be happy to help, if you want a song or need a composer, just send...
  13. L

    Portfolio - General [open] GML - Spine Animation - Sound Production - web design

    Hi, My name is Liam Prichard and most of what you may want to know about me can be found on my website! (linked below) I'm looking to make some new friends and find some people to work with, I have a few ideas for projects already but am open to yours and any related discussion. Rates are...
  14. B

    Portfolio - Programming GML Programmer with 4+ years experience

    Hello! My name is Dave, a.k.a Blue Yeti Studios, and I am 17 years old. I have been using Game Maker Studio for around about 4 years now, and have made many games in that time. Some of these games have been lost some years ago however, but the ones I have made from 2015 onward can be found on...
  15. Z

    Portfolio - Art 2D Artist Looking For Collaborator/Mentor

    Greetings! I'm not looking for paid work, but rather someone who can offer me tutoring in Game Maker in exchange for my services. I'm an aspiring dev but currently very inexperienced having having difficulty getting past the learning curve. I'm a 2D artist/animator who works primarily in...
  16. D

    Portfolio - Programming Programmer looking for a project [paid]

    Lacks samples ~Tsuk Hello all members of GMC, I am currently looking for a project to work on. I have been programming for around 6 years now and am interested in devoting some time towards a project. I can do: - Networking (so long as you provide the server if it's not going to be P2P) -...
  17. P

    Portfolio - Art [UNPAID] 2D Simple Art

    Hello, I am a new digital artist. I actually just started digital art yesterday. I only do 2D art. Since my experience is low I will not charge anything, unless of course you'd like to. I am not currently working on any games so I can get your work done fast. The amount of time it should take me...
  18. V

    Portfolio - Audio Do you need Music for your Games?

    Hi,I'm able to compose music for your games, I have a few songs that maybe can give you a good idea of my work. This is the link with the songs: https://soundcloud.com/luis-carlos-l-pez-garc-a-820888125/sets/indiegame I would be happy to help, if you want a song or need a composer, just send...
  19. OneDayDreamer

    Portfolio - General Animator, musician, and artist all-in-one! Anime, alternative, and intensely aspiring.

    Hello, everyone. I am an aspiring animator, artist, musician, and voice actor with a passion for storytelling, art, visual and audio engagement, and much more. Recently I have been driven to create what I believe are some truly powerful creative compositions. But alas, I struggle to network...
  20. R

    Portfolio - Programming Building my gamedev portfolio - Low / non existent rates

    <removed due to personal constraints>