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    Portfolio - Audio [FOR HIRE] Electronic Musician for Videogame OST

    Hi everybody! My name is Andrea and I make electronic music. I can provide you custom-taylored tracks for your videogame. In the years I focused on producing electronic music but I may be able to help with other genres too! Keywords for my music: atmosphere - energy - melody - melancholy Here...
  2. Kawaiisnail

    Portfolio - General Pixel Artist and Composer | looking for work

    Hey everyone! I'm Tom aka Kawaii Snail. I'm an artist/musician looking for work. Please PM about project details if you are interested or email me at tom.wilcox123@gmail.com Music Portfolio: https://soundcloud.com/user-775462899 Art Stuff:
  3. R

    Portfolio - Audio Free Music For Your Games From New Artist

    Hey all! I just wanted to share a nice music resource for all of you. Devynn from Echo Blue Music is an accomplished musician of over 30 years experience. I've encouraged my good friend to start making tracks for my fellow game developers. Please check out his work here...
  4. T

    Portfolio - Audio Taylor Hendrix - 10+ years Freelance Composer

    Hello There, My name is Taylor Hendrix. I am a full time composer for hire and I would love to be a part of your next project. I can work in a wide variety of styles, and have a fully stocked studio at my disposal (including a large modular synthesizer as well as other rare vintage equipment)...
  5. R

    Portfolio - Audio Ryan Davies - Composer & Sound Designer

    I am a BAFTA nominated Composer & Sound Designer for for video games, short films and media. My work covers a range of genres but focuses primarily on cinematic / 8bit / Electronic / Rock / Video Game Music. I have worked on a range of games for PC, Handheld, OTT and Mobile. My portfolio...
  6. Z

    Portfolio - Audio Single Chrome Robot Looking for Next Game Fling

    Hey Babe, I've never really been much for long term collaboration. I usually move from project to project since most developers can't seem to keep up with me. Some might call me a serial monogameist. I'm really just looking for something light... a short term fling... a Game Jam even? So...