1. zendraw

    GMS 2 views wrapping

    so im kinda confused with the camera/view functions. what im trying to do is have another view to kinda slide in on the current view and cover it which will also display the other side of the map. basicly: room is 2048 in width. view is 512 in width. view xpos is at 1600. 448 pixels are outside...
  2. flyinian

    How difficult is it to port a games designed for windows to mobile and(VS.) web?

    Pretty much what the title says. i'd like to port my game designed for windows to mobile and web one day. YOYO games are having a summer sale on their licenses and i'd like to take advantage of the price reduction. Between mobile and web, which one is easier to port from windows? or should I...
  3. TheCheeseMaster

    Mac OSX My Road to a Mac Port is Filled With Roadblocks

    Hi everyone, I'm in the process of releasing my first game on Steam and am in "super learning mode". I've been trying to figure out Steamworks, SDK, and just generally how to get my game on the platform. Now, I've made some progress in those departments, however now I'm attempting to create...
  4. B

    HTML5 How to test multiple clients?

    I apologize if this is the wrong forum, but how do I test multiple clients on my PC? Is it correct to simply additional multiple tabs pointed to the same localhost address and port?
  5. B

    Gamemaker IOS port not working with new computer

    Hello! I just got a new Mac and tried downloading my game with the iOS export. The Mac connects under the "Preferences" menu (showing a "Connection OK" message), but when I go to download the game, neither XCode nor the plugged in phone seem to react, even when it works on my old Mac. I have...
  6. Krenzathal77

    Uneven pixels in game graphics

    Not sure if this is something that I've done or it's just the nature of the beast. Anyway, I have a PNG file which simulates old school CRT scanlines by just having a one pixel horizontal line every two pixels down. Then I reduce the alpha, and draw it over the view. It looks nice, but I...
  7. D

    View scaling for all devices

    Hi guys, i've recently read this guide (https://www.yoyogames.com/blog/66/scaling-for-devices-part-2-the-game-view) to scale my game view for evert device. However, i'm still pretty confused under many aspects :bash: The guide writes this code for full scaling: var base_w = 1024; var base_h =...
  8. D

    View porting and scaling problem

    Hi guys, i've recently read these about scaling the view in games but i'm still pretty confused under many aspects. To change the view scaling this guide: https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/how-to-properly-scale-your-game.995/ suggests to resize the surface and then centre it on the...
  9. Tofu Heavy Industries

    Backgrounds : 'zooming' & getting name

    Hello, I am using GMS 1.4, and I had 2 questions about backgrounds. 1) how do you get the actual name of the background of the room you're currently in ? (i.e. back_b_street) 2) I am trying to create a room + background that functions like the backgrounds on Samurai Showdown 2-4. I'll...
  10. N

    Transferring Project from Desktop to Web Version

    If I purchase the Desktop version of Game Maker Studio 2 now, and later decide to purchase the Web version, will my projects automatically transfer over? If not, how do I transfer them? Thanks much.
  11. Caio

    Legacy GM What is the best configuration for View and Port?

    Hello, what is the best configuration for view and port in room? for 16x16 and 32x32 tiles and sprites
  12. D

    Legacy GM Sprite rendered pixellated

    We've got a spirte which is 603 pixels wide and 511 pixels high. I put it in a room at the upper left corner and make a view with width and height 603 and 511 and a port with width and height 603 and 511. The view's x and y are the same as those of the sprite itself: 0 and 0. The port's x and y...
  13. P

    USB Port Support

    My friend asked me, "Can a TV with a USB port run a program [Game Maker game] on a flash drive? Without being hooked up to a computer?" Relative to a Game Maker game itself, is it possible to run a standalone launcher of a game through a USB port, hooked up to the TV?
  14. S

    HTML5 Port from Test to HTML5 Results in Unsolvable Particle Problem

    In every room the player is created with it's own particle system. In the test version particles are always visible in each room. But when I run as HTML5, the particles are only visible in the starting room. When I change room they are no longer visible. When I debug, they still seem to be...
  15. XirmiX

    GML How to check for a free port?

    I know somebody mentioned before to me that they're put a system in their game where the program checks for free ports (between a range of ports) and uses whichever free port it can. While I cannot do that for my server without creating other problems (and I've found I don't actually need to), I...
  16. A

    moving from a room to another and porting corrupt the quality

    I have two rooms with different sizes: rm_menu : 240 * 400 rm_game: 2000* 2000 there are no views in the rm_menu, but we have one view in rm_game. view[0] has: view_xview[0] = 0 view_yview[0] = 0 view_wview[0] = 320 view_hview[0] = 240 view_xport[0] = 0 view_yport0] = 0 view_wport0] = 320...
  17. H

    [Solved] how to see more play area

    I have a problem which seems like it should have a simple solution. I want to see more of the level in my screen, without the game changing the x and y scale of the image, and I don't care if there are black bars making up for the rest of the window size. I started making my game with...
  18. Heavybrush

    apply shader in draw gui end using the port on screen

    HI, I've done a shader to change the pixels in the game unfortunatly using the creation event to disable the application surface ///disable application surface application_surface_draw_enable(false); and using the draw gui end to set the shader on the application surface, to apply the shader...
  19. D

    I'm trying to scale my game but...

    For the past couple of days I've been struggling quite a bit to scale my game to devices. I am using the full scale method that's described in the tech blog (Scaling For Devices: Part 2) but the port size of the rooms will not change. I pretty much copied the code from the blog and put it into...