port forwarding

  1. Athena's Owl

    GMS 2.3+ Online Lobby Networking / Limits of Broadcasting

    My question is more about the function network_send_broadcast or broadcasting in general and its limitations. I would like to achieve what it does that isn't limited to a local reach and the best way to go about that for my purposes using Steam and being flexible enough to use outside of Steam...
  2. SirCaliber

    GML [NETWORKING] Any way I can implement a direct peer-to-peer connection with UDP without port-forwarding?

    I read somewhere that when creating a UDP connection in GameMaker, it automatically temporarily opens up a port on both clients and sends packets through that port. Is this true? If not, any way I can set this up without needing a master server?
  3. OneIsNeverLate

    GMS 2 Network port forwarding

    Hello! I've been working on a project for two months now, and keep hitting a roadblock when testing with friends. My game uses a tcp connection server with peer-to-peer host and clients. Essentially, I can host on my pc and clients can join my lobby (being that I allowed a forwarded port on my...
  4. Pelican Police

    Multiplayer with no portforwarding or server. Only two or more clients directly connecting to each other

    So after seeing that other topic, I decided to test UDPHP. TL;DR, you can circumvent the need for a server if you just connect two sockets together. And holy crap, it works... But what I'd love help with, is checking how often this works in the real world. Because there's no point implementing...