1. C

    GMS 2 Creating a pop-up window over inventory

    Hello, I have pretty nice inventory system and it's working really well if I want to select items with mouse wheel and immediately have description window with buttons next to the item list. The problem is, I want window with buttons like "use" or "look" appearing after I click on item with LMB...
  2. royer14

    problems with the mouse event

    Hello how are you I hope you are well, I was writing the gml, and everything went perfectly until I came across the mouse event, here I leave a pop-ups menu: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ff94jjx85mzs63z/Dropdown+Component.rar this is an example of youtuber SlasherXGAMES , but when I try to...
  3. K

    Help with regional activation/deactivation

    I'm trying to deactivate my objects outside the screen, and activate them just before they appear. I am using instance_activate_region(view_xview, view_yview, view_wview, view_hview, true); which is working except for my trees. My trees are 64 pixels tall, 32 wide and whenever I move down (top...
  4. D

    GML Code Help for Achievments

    Hi, In desperate need of help - this needs to be submitted to me teacher on Monday! I am coding a 2D platformer type game and have an issue. Please can you help? I am trying to have achievements (trophies) pop up onto the screen when an even occurs, then disappear on a mouse click or when any...
  5. G

    Pop-up messages messing up fullscreen mode

    I have a game that was developed for mobile devices and now I'm adapting it for Windows. The game features a button for In-App Purchases, but I want it to be disabled on the Windows version, so if the user presses it, it should display a message saying "This function is not available on...
  6. W

    How do i make an icon pop up when player is near a door?

    I'd like to have an interact icon pop up when the player object is near a door, and disappear when the player moves away from the door or pushes a specific button to open the door. I have my obj_player, obj_door, and obj_interact icon. The "E" key is pressed to open the door. I want the icon...
  7. L

    Windows How to save a message into an TXT file using get_save_filename_ext?

    Hi everyone! Look, i got this issue, and i tried to see what's going on, but I can't figure out what's wrong, I would put the code here but I don't want to confuse anyone. (I'll provide you a simple example) The thing is, I want the game pops-up a window (with this function...
  8. S

    MK Style Uppercut "Knock Back" code

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for making Mortal Kombat style uppercuts of DOOM in my platformer? I have "knockback" which only knocks them back now a few pixels horizontally, and "dir" as direction . I essentially want the enemies, when hit with an uppercut or sweep move, to pop...
  9. F

    Facebook login pop up blocked by Microsoft mobile Browsers

    Hi i'm making a game that need Facebook credentials to login , following the tutorials i'm able to login in android, html5 (android phones and desktop) but not in Windows Phone 8 and 10, using IE or EDGE. Searching on the net for solutions, i discovered that browsers have a popup blocker and it...
  10. A

    Pop Up Text

    GM Version: Studio Target Platform: ALL Download: https://goo.gl/zoD2oO Links: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX9HFpVLuXCumqyRRioTVww Summary: Make pop up text message in top of player with different colors and using just scripts, no objets required. Tutorial:
  11. D

    How Can I make own multiple choice events ?

    How Can I give a popup to user asking simple " yes " or " no " question just like show_question ? instead of using boring show_question " yes " or " no " popup how can i show my own beautifull popup ?