1. Zaxtor99

    Steam "Prison Ball: Full Blown" [Out Now!] - A Mix of Pong with BreakOut and a Touch of Adult Humor Too!

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/1109080/Prison_Ball_Full_Blown/ I'm a solo indie game developer still learning and trying to make fun little games with GameMaker Studio 1.4999. My 5th title on Steam just launched a couple of weeks ago and is an imaginative mix of old school Pong and two...
  2. Didjynn

    Steam Suprapong

    Hello World, Do you like Pong ? Do you like Flipper (the game, forget about the dolphin) ? Then you'll love Suprapong. Suprapong is a mix between both and even more. You move around a circular arena and both sides of your raquet can smash the ball, improving it's speed but also changing its...
  3. J

    Best way to center an object in a room.

    Can anyone tell me what is the best method/command to center an object in a room? I am making a simple Pong clone for my first game and would want to know using a snap on grid of 32x32 where the best position of the ball is. Thanks in advance!
  4. E

    Windows CRAZY PONG // PVP Online Mode added!

  5. D

    Android Project Foosball Android + HTML5

    https://masterfunk.itch.io/projectfoosball I made this little game to prove to myself I could finish a project, well it doesn't look pretty but it ain't too shabby :p I know there are some bugs (features) but idk it's still fun. I recommend you actually download the android version and play...
  6. K

    Beta .:FEEDBACK BETA:. - Pong Tournament

    Hello People, I'm creating my second game, before this project I was creating a very ambicious game, after some months, I noticed that do a small game, but with all I know to do in Game Maker was a better idea. So here is: PONG TOURNAMENT (yes, more one pong game...) I would like to know...
  7. K

    GML Object shaking when following other Object?[SOLVED]

    I have a little problem:I'm making a Remixed Pong game and in the Title Screen appears a game demo, with the camera following and the bats following the ball, the problem is when the bats follow the ball, they "shakes", and never stop this, I tried to put if...
  8. L

    Android Tennis Lovr: a vintage game like Pong / Tennis

    My first game, Tennis Lovr: a vintage game like Pong / Tennis, for the lovers and the others. Features : - Intuitive, tactile controls. - Precise control of your bat: adjust the direction and give a spin to the ball. - Bonus items! - Play against the computer, or challenge a friend. - No...
  9. Kahrabaa

    Android Pong U (Multiple gamemodes/levels)

    Pong U is a classic pong game with interesting modes, enviroments and features! The game combines sound effects, visual effects and gameplay elements that are polished to make it feel good =) Levels: -Forest -Ice Cave -Autumn Forest -Fire Mountain -Space 5 Difficulty Levels: Easy Medium Hard...
  10. yvodlyn

    Touch for two player[solved]

    Hello everyone How can I create a touch screen where two player can play? The problem is for the second player, I don't know how to configure the second touch screen. It is a PONG game for mobile. thxt!!!!
  11. G

    Make an Object Move when Another is Destroyed?

    Hey guys, I'm working on a battle mode for my Pong game, and I'm trying to achieve this: When a paddle fires its laser and the laser hits or misses the other paddle (despawning on contact or despawning upon leaving the room),the ball (which, all this time, is outside the room, waiting to come...