1. L

    Question - Code Replacement for d3d_set_shading?

    Hello there! I am creating a 3D game and I need to disable the gouraud shading that is applied on my 3D models, to get flat shading. The left model of this example picture illustrates what I want: In Game Maker : Studio 1 I can set the "d3d_set_shading(smoothing)" smoothing parameter to...
  2. M

    GML Check if point in a (rectangular?) polygon

    Pretty much what I'm trying to do is have a player draw a line, return to base and have everything inside of that area fill to their own color. Here's a pretty drawing showing their base (the shaded 3x3 square), their line (the solid yellow) and the area that /should/ be shaded (the shaded...
  3. xDGameStudios

    GML Fast point is inside polygon [QUESTION]

    Is there a fast way to detect if a point is inside a given polygon... a script like point_inside_polygon(x, y, [x1, y1, x2, y2, x3, y3, x4, y4, x5, y5]); returning a Boolean, I was looking through the manual... and I am admired it doesn't exist one.
  4. sercan

    Error about fixtures

    "The polygon shape for fixture 156 is concave or ordered anticlockwise" Hi guys. I am sure there is no concave fixture or any anticlockwise settlement. but still this error is occuring. Is there anyway to know which object causing this? I can't find the object from fixture id. thanks.
  5. gnysek

    Discussion [Proposal] Free asset deformation on asset layer

    While making my current game, I've come to an idea what would be really useful in GM:S 2.0. Since now we have "asset layer" on which we can put sprites instead of objects, it would be nice, if we can transform them. My proposal is, that at least you can select on how many sections sprite should...
  6. MusNik

    Asset - Scripts Fixture Editor - make concave shapes!

    Download: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/4275/fixture-editor Fixture Editor is advanced physics fixture editor for GameMaker: Studio. You can built any shape for your physics body without any restrictions and easily add it to your game! Features: Better than built-in fixture editor...
  7. MusNik

    Asset - Scripts Physics Textured Terrain

    Download: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/2977/physics-textured-terrain Physics Textured Terrain can be used for creating textured terrains for physics games. It takes points from ds_list, converts it to triangles and draws on screen via primitive model. It creates physics fixture on...
  8. P

    How can I access the physics fixtures in order to draw them?

    I asked this question at StackOverflow, but realized I probably should have asked here. Feel free to answer at SO to claim the bounty. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/38586134/how-can-i-access-the-physics-fixtures-in-game-maker-in-order-to-draw-them ---- I'm new to Game Maker. I've created...
  9. Strawbry_jam

    Legacy GM Alternate room editor and exporting/importing instance data

    The built in room editor gets the job done for the basic built-in stuff GameMaker: Studio offers but for more advanced stuff, you have to do a lot of stuff another way. For a project I'm working on, I build the level out of polygons. The problem I'm having now is coming up with the best (or a...