1. Pollux568

    Free [French] Grève: En Macronie

    Hi fellow devs, During holidays I made a videogame about recent events in France - for those who are not aware of it, there is an important strike against a new governement law modifying retirement pensions. So I developed a game based on Reigns: Her Majesty principle, named Greve : En...
  2. Rizlad

    Windows TRUMP PINBALL IS LIVE- Free Download for first to claim!

    https://lq-games.itch.io/trump-pinball Trump Impeachment Pinball is a game that had to happen and you'll be glad it did. Get addicted to this simple, yet hard to put down instant-classic. Since I created this game I haven't been able to stop playing it :) Made in good humor and with the...
  3. A

    Opinion Describe the 2016 US Elections with a Movie Title

    Describe the 2016 US Presidential Elections (candidates, debates, arguments) with a movie title. This is just for fun, take your actual debates somewhere else. Because it makes me cry.