1. M

    Video Poker games

    Hi ya there, just curious if anyone is interested in playing video poker style games? I have a few games I did of various poker topics over the years, using the GM tool. Such as, Fast Poker, CD Poker, Turbo Poker etc. In addition I have done a number of various slot machine games such as Bell...
  2. G

    Asset - Demo Texas Hold'em — Advanced Poker Asset [50% OFF]

    Texas Hold'em — A Poker Asset Primal category: Demo Price: $19.99 Modules: All Demos: See "Demos" bellow Support: Via PM here Marketplace: What is Texas Hold'em Texas hold 'em is a variation of the card game of poker...
  3. Dagoba

    Legacy GM Wait until mouse_click

    Hello, long time no see! I am currently programming a Texas Hold'Em online game, and I am encountering a problem. There are turns for each player on the table, and it's running by for loop for each player. I need to make a method that waits until the player has clicked either call, check, fold...
  4. Dagoba

    Using while

    Hello! I am making a Poker engine that simply waits, until player has either clicked some of these buttons: Call, Raise or Fold. My script looks like this: do { scr_playersTurn(); } until (turn_used) Something like that, very simple. Inside of...
  5. Coded Games

    HTML5 POKER HUNT - Free Card Game

    Play Poker Hunt! Poker Hunt is an HTML5 card game. Every game you are given a random board of cards, tap and drag to select cards. Finding good poker hands scores points and earns you money to spend in the score. The final 5 cards left on the board is your last hand. Two Game Modes: Normal: A...