1. J

    Multiple controller pointers

    Hi All, I've been struggling with this problem for quite a while now and haven't seen anything on it so either its painfully obvious or it may require someone a little bit smarter to help! Essentially i'm making a multiplayer game that is predominately controller based. Each player has a...
  2. NeZvers

    GML How script can change passed in variable

    I'm working on a button remapping system and since GM:S 1.4 has Joystick system instead all controllers being gamepads + there's no button_check_pressed for joysticks, I need to implement that too. At the moment the solution I see is the second variable for the button to check the previous...
  3. C

    GMS 2 Find first object that intersects between player and mouse cursor

    Hey there, I'm new to gamemaker studio 2 and trying to figure out how to write this code. Essentially I want to find the line between the player object (obj_player) and the mouse cursor and then find the closest instance of an object (obj_movable) that's intersected by that line. In the...
  4. gnysek

    GML Draw particle images from texture page as sprites

    GM Version: GMS 2.x Target Platform: Windows and others Download: http://gmclan.org/uploader/23/particle_texture.yyz Links: na Summary: Draw particle images from texture page as sprites Tutorial: Hi. I've noticed recently, that particle shapes are exported together with texture page, on same...
  5. Octopus_Tophat

    GMS 2 Anyway to simulate pointers?

    Hey! I've always been aware that GML doesn't allow pointers, and I didn't think I'd need them. But I've come to a situation where I do actually need them. I wanted to write a script that would get rid of linked objects. For instance, if I had a weapon that the player was holding, the weapon id...
  6. O

    How can I use (or substitute) pointers?

    Hey! :) I'd like to store a series of variables in an array list. Not the values of these variables, but the actual adresses in memory. How can I do this? Thanks in advance! xoxo, Olive
  7. W

    Problem changing variable while pressing continuously a keyboard key

    Hello guys again, so i have this code: if(place_free(x+movSpeX,y+movSpeY)){ x += movSpeX; y += movSpeY; sprite_index = playerImg; image_speed = animationSpeed; //playerDirection = playerDir show_debug_message(pointerDirection); if (playerDir != pointerDirection){...
  8. ZeDuval

    Asset - Extension Pointer *free*

    Pointer is highly conceptual - please only download and use it for testing- and playing-around-purposes in it's current state. However, I'm happy about feedback, bug reports and suggestions! Please use this thread in the GM:S Forum. Create pointer_vars for a whole new level of dynamic coding...