1. Fluury

    Figuring out a point of collision between two bounding boxes

    Heya. Following idea: I'd like to create a particle effect at the point of collision between two bounding boxes. Say you've got yourself a sword attack and your classic enemy, and you want a spark to appear at the location the sword attack hit the enemy - How would you figure this out in a way...
  2. Fluury

    GML Having an instance follow a path starting from a specific point in said path.

    Heya! I've got an issue I need to deal with, but sadly can't put my finger on on how to tackle it. I have a path made up of several points. For each of these points, I sometimes spawn an instance on the exact x/y of said point. This works fine. When the player enters the range of the...
  3. Arsène

    Geometric issues

    Hello, This is my problem : The player in my game is represented with an arrow wich has its center defined at the bottom of it and in my code i would like to refer to the top the arrow. I can't use x + .../ y + ... because the direction of the arrow is always changing. I've tried with the...
  4. R

    how can I by an object that moves in a circle to follow my persoagem?

    Variables: cx = room_width/2 cy = room_height/2 r = 100; theta = 0; theta_spd = 2; That is the code of circlel: theta+= theta_spd; if(theta>=360) theta-=360 { x = cx+lengthdir_x(r,theta); y = cy+lengthdir_y(r,theta); }
  5. Nabil Kabour

    Some Trigonometry and Positioning

    I have a homing missile in my game, with the origin a bit off center on the x axis (see image). The missile can point at any angle, and I want to be able to get the coordinates of the nose of the missile (the last pixel on the right). I'm currently attempting at doing this by first getting the...
  6. M

    Bullet shooting problem

    Already excuse me mistakes because I'm French ;) .. My problem is that I would like to leave the bullet the end of the barrel of my weapon, but I can not position the bullet instancier with "instance_create_layer" (The bullet is positioned originally sprite and I do not want that :bash:), help...
  7. Elgarion

    GMS 2 Orbiting point with changing angle value

    Hello everyone, I'm stuck with a math problem. At first I thought it would be simple, but I can't figure it out : Imagine a circle A, with a point B orbiting on it. Mechanically, the program should take the point B at position 1 (B1) and move it to a certain angle, relatively to a center A...
  8. andev

    GML A free simple quadratic bezier curve script in GML

    Put in 4 x/y coordinates and a lerp value to find the point. I couldn't find a script that did only this out the box in GML. Here's an example of implementation: GM Version: Any Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A The GML you're here for: ///Bezier_Point_Find(lerp, p0x, p0y, p1x...
  9. B

    Rotate Objects Around a Point

    I want to rotate some objects around a point (in this case the center of the screen). I'm looking to create an effect like in the bonus levels in the original Sonic the Hedgehog. I understand that this requires some trigonometric functions, though I'm not sure how to do them. Thanks for any...
  10. M

    Legacy GM D3D view problem

    Hello everyone. I'm here to ask a little help about my project on GameMaker : Studio 1.4. I'm a beginner with the 3D in GameMaker so I've made a tool (with GM:S) to return variables in real-time for the d3d_set_projection. This tool will help me to calculate the perfect angle of view for my...
  11. xDGameStudios

    GML Fast point is inside polygon [QUESTION]

    Is there a fast way to detect if a point is inside a given polygon... a script like point_inside_polygon(x, y, [x1, y1, x2, y2, x3, y3, x4, y4, x5, y5]); returning a Boolean, I was looking through the manual... and I am admired it doesn't exist one.
  12. B

    How can i get a point in a certain direction at a certain distance from another point?

    I have a point (x1,y1),and I need to get a point (x2,y2) which is in direction 'd' at a distance of 'n'. Please help me do the same. Thanks
  13. C

    How to add Ingame-Points to global Points?

    Hey Guys, I have folllowing problem: I can't add my ingame points to my global points. To demonstrate what I mean: GlobalPoints = X + addTheScoreOfTheLastGame Can someone help me? Best regards Coleft
  14. D

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Changing Sprite Index Based on Mouse Direction

    Trying to figure out how to change the sprite index based on the mouse being between the degrees of 0-90 91-179 180-269 270-359 Any Ideas on how? So far all I can find is how to rotate the sprite, not change between sprites.
  15. Silversea

    Legacy GM Getting (x,y) of Collision event for sprite "tracing" effect

    Hi guys. In a game I'm working on I want a special effect that appears to "trace" the outline of a sprite. I have a solution in mind but its missing one crucial piece, which is finding the point of collision. My solution is having 3 objects. Object 1 is an empty object with a mask that uses the...
  16. G

    Instance Create at Collision Point

    How would I create an instance in the collision event between two objects? I want an effect I created to be created right at the point of collision between the two objects. So in Collision Event.... var collideLocationX; var collideLocationY; instance_create(collideLocationX, collideLocationY...
  17. ZeDuval

    Asset - Extension Pointer *free*

    Pointer is highly conceptual - please only download and use it for testing- and playing-around-purposes in it's current state. However, I'm happy about feedback, bug reports and suggestions! Please use this thread in the GM:S Forum. Create pointer_vars for a whole new level of dynamic coding...