1. M

    Sequence editor needs help bad

    Man the Sequences UI is garbage. Where do I even start shredding this trash. There is no snapping with bezier curves or any way to pin down the curves numerically. The keyframes yes but everything else that counts you have to do BY EYE?! The masks are only 1bit. You can't mask inside a mask. It...
  2. N

    GMS 2 [SOLVED]Controls for 8 direction

    Please help me make the 8 direction control, I have arrow control, but I would like to make the control on W, S, A, D Here is the code: Create: spd = 3.0; image_speed = .4; Step: //move hInput = keyboard_check(vk_right) - keyboard_check(vk_left); vInput = keyboard_check(vk_down) -...
  3. N

    [Decided]Please help with Game Maker Studio 2!

    I beg you! Tell me what to do if any new object disappears, that is, I have 3 rooms in two rooms I used smooth loading (alpha), but not on 3. And everything seems to work, but if you put the object, it will disappear. I realized that it's problem in alpha, but I can't figure out how to fix it...
  4. S

    [Solved] Help. I need help with a script.

    Help! I need to get a script done by tonight. I'm in a school club where I have to make a video game. Well, anyway. I have to have 3 levels on my game. It's a game where to click on objects that fall from the sky and you get points. (Stored in a variable name your_score) So, I tried to make a...
  5. J

    I need help

    The following code doesn't create a fist.
  6. I

    Sound Issue, Please Help

    When I launch my game, no sound plays but the sound plays only if I click on the task bar, though, it freezes the game. I'm using Game Maker v8.1 and i'm not sure what I've done wrong, or whether it's game maker, If anyone could help that'd be great.
  7. S

    newbie here

    Guys where should I start? I'm using gml 8.0 (I'm a student btw)
  8. B

    Windows Visual Studio Error (SOLVED)

    Hello there GMS community, I'm relatively new, and I have encountered a problem. Roughly an hour ago, I purchased the upgrade to GMS2 (Developer, Desktop) and ever since, I cannot run the game I was working on in the Trial version. All it says in the compile errors section is; " Configuration...
  9. D

    GMS 2 My first game. A little doubt...

    (First of all I'm sorry if my English is wrong.) Hello, I started making games about 6 days ago and I decided to start learning with platform games because of a tutorial I saw. Anyway, the game is about a guy who throws pizzas and soda, but the "bullets" of soda are too separate. I want to...
  10. I

    GMS 2 Top Down Dash Without Using Speed?

    I haven't tried making a game for awhile so if the answers pretty obvious I might not be in the right mindset still. I'm trying to implement a dash that doesn't use the speed variable to head towards the mouse. The amount of x/y to add to the players position based on the angle of the player...
  11. Edwin

    GML [SOLVED] 2.5D problem. Please, help!

    I am making beat 'em up game. I have Z-axis to make 3D illusuion so player can jump, fall with gravity. // Movement grav=1; hspd=0; vspd=0; zspd=0; // This is abscissa speed. // Variables z=0; // This is Z-axis, position of Z (fo'dummies). zFloor=0...
  12. Edwin

    GML How to make turning animation state?

    I want to make an animation state that will turn the player and when finishing it'll changing his xscale to negative. I tried to make it, but always got errors and non working baloney. My animation state system: animIdle = 0; animTurn = 1; animRun = 2; animState = animIdle; My turning...
  13. F

    GMS 2 floor_get_random() only available in game maker studio 1.4 how to achieve in studio 2 please help

    So I want to know how to wait 3 seconds after if keyboard_check(vk_space) { index++ } Before playing the tping sound effect, how would I go about achieving this, and this is all in the draw event.
  14. L

    GML What's wrong with my collision code?

    So I've watched a few tutorials and tried to do a collision code from scratch, coupled with movement keys for moving left||right and jumping. I've succeeded in doing the movements but my collisions itself seem to keep making the object stuck, preventing the object from using left||right...
  15. L

    GML What is wrong with my jump code?

    I have a jump code currently that works okay except with a few glaring and important issues. The first issue is that I can continuously spam the jump button to "jump" again and if I do it fast enough I can stay in the air. Another issue I spotted is that the player object might fall much faster...
  16. L

    GML Why isn't my instance variables working?

    My code isn't working but the game can run how is it so or am I just retarded? The game will run but I can't move my character? Am I doing something wrong? Create Event - //For Movement jump = keyboard_check_pressed(vk_space); down = keyboard_check(ord("S")); left = keyboard_check(ord("A"))...
  17. P

    Windows Need Help With Ledge Grabbing A Climbing Animation

    Hello Everybody I was wondering if anyone could help me with the code for triggering an animation using an alarm for ledgegrabbing and also setting an animation for when the player is grabbing a ledge. Thanks!
  18. G

    Having a problem with attacking code

    Hello ! first of all i want to just tell my problem and what it is . it's not really something i'm too familiar with but it's something i did just today and it works fine if you don't take into account the massive bug that happens . the bug is that when you attack , the character stops to attack...
  19. S

    How to make a highscore system

    I am suffering how to make a highscore sytem and save it to an included file.
  20. F

    GMS 2 I don't understand something when importing, so please help me understand

    When I import a project from game maker studio 1 to game maker studio 2 the actions from drag and drop and the gml look weird like this See below action_number(1) ww = action_number(1) If place_meeting() = ww { y+=1 } else Exit So can someone explain why the reason why that's how game maker...