1. T

    Android Google Play - can not login if installed from Google Play Store

    Once my apk is uploaded to the Google Play Store (public accessable) I can no longer Login via achievement_login(); or open the leaderboard etc. I did: - add the 12 Digit App-Number (Client-ID) under "social" for Android - added the RSA key from DevTool "Services & APIs" MIIBIjANB….. in...
  2. harambe1

    Android Nighty Knight - Android Release

    Hey guys, this is my game, nighty knight. It was originally made for a 48 (50 actually) hour game jam and now I have decided to continue developing it for mobile. In fact, it is live now for internal testing on google play store! If you're not too busy, I could really use some testers for the...
  3. T

    GMS 2 How to download content vs Google Playstore 50MB Limit

    Hello, I did read about the limit for an apk file on googles playstore. It seems to be limited to apk files not bigger 50 MB. How do you install your app, in case it is bigger?